$20,000 Bob Balfe Puppy Stakes Continues at Palm Beach on Wednesday April 10th

Eb Netr

April 9th, 2013

$20,000 Bob Balfe Puppy Stakes Continues at Palm Beach on Wednesday April 10th

The biggest surprise of the second round was when favorite, Rob Gronkowski came in last in the 15th race on Saturday afternoon. His line for that race reads, "much trouble far turn" but the Gronk was in trouble way before then. He was a step slow getting out of the box, then looked like he wanted the outside, couldn't get it, and was all over the track, losing ground while trying to catch up, for the rest of the race.

Meanwhile, Wine and Roses burst out of the 4 box to take the lead and fought off #7 CH Ragin Rumor all the way around the track. Then, right at the wire, they were both passed by #2 Rck Scarlet, who snuck up the rail. The prices reflected the bettor's shock at this turn of events.

Rck Scarlet paid $70.20 to win. Wine and Roses paid $23.60 to place, and CH Ragin Rumor paid $8.20 to show. The exotics were astronomical with a $421 exacta and a $154.40 quinella. The trifecta was $4,152.80.

Payouts for the other races in the puppy stakes were much more reasonable, but on Wednesday, when the stakes continues with Round 3, there could be some more surprises. I'm wondering if Rob Gronkowski will be a favorite again, or will his fans go off him and back another runner? He's had bad races before. It can happen, even to the best greyhounds.

On Wednesday afternoon's program, Gronk has the 2 box in the 10th race. He also has Trickapalooza with three sub-30 second times in his last three races, in the 3 box right next to him. And, speaking of sub-30 second times, PJ Eat My Dust, in the 8 box, has run them in his last two races. So has Superior Dune in the 6 box. One thing is for sure - this is going to be a fast race!

Will Rob Gronkowski regain his winning form? Will Trickapalooza outbreak him and win with another sizzlin' time? We won't know until the lure is in motion on Wednesday afternoon in the 10th race.

And don't miss the other stakes races in Round 3 of the Puppy Stakes: races 12, 14 and 15. #4 Superior Kotton, looks good in the 12th with #1 PJ Timeless. In the 14th, there are just too many good dogs to pick one to win. Dr. Ducky Mallard was certainly impressive in his last, as was Wine and Roses, who hung tough right to the wire, only to have Rck Scarlet steal the race on the rail. Turbo Ted and Kay Rock Sweet are certainly up to taking this one, if they're in form and have some racing luck. I think I'll sit this one out and just watch it.

In race 15, I have to give #6 Superior Kellogg, the nod, although you won't get a price on this one. With 5 wins out of 8 races in his short career, and a 29.35 in his last race, you'd be crazy to bet against him. Then again, as I've said before, anything can happen when you have eight fast dogs chasing each other and a lure around the track.

Get your free Palm Beach program for Wednesday and catch all the racing action on Bet America. And, as always, good luck and safe trips to all the runners in this series.