$60,000 Juvenile Stakes at Bluffs Run on Wednesday June 5th

Eb Netr

June 4th, 2013

Ninety-six greyhounds will compete in twelve races on Monday afternoon's card at Bluffs Run in the first round of the Juvenile Stakes. All but 3 races on the card - races 9, 12 and 14 - will be stakes races. All of the runners will be under 26 months old, but many of them are already launched on successful racing careers.

In Race 1, I like the 2, L's Welborn to win. He has 5 out of 12 for wins and dropped down and won by over 2 lengths, which often results in a win within 3 races and this is his second since then. He also is the class dog in the race with the 7, Gable Zeus, close in class. My picks for this race are 2-7-3-4.

In Race 2, with every runner going wide on the turns, this race might end up in the stands. While 3, Allie Uhl, has the class to come out on top, I think it will be a matter of who clears the turns and runs the inside or closes late and avoids trouble. My very iffy picks are 3-2-7-5, but anything could happen in this race.

In Race 3, there's a greyhound that started the year as the top greyhound in the country. DK's Flow Meter has had a couple of tough trips recently. I think post position had a lot to do with that. His record of 14 wins out of 24 races tells me that it's only a temporary setback and makes him a serious threat in this race, even though he's in a poor post position again.

I agree with the program in this race, although I think the 5, PJ Diamondbacks, might get in for third, rather than 4th. I'm going with the 6-3-5-2 for the third race.

The 1, Boc's John Luke, in Race 4 looks like he has a clear shot at the inside if he wants it. He's risen through the grades very quickly and has done it from the outside, for the most part. Now, he has the rail and the advantage. My picks for this race are 1-2-8-3

Topline Drive, in the 3 box in Race 5 looks like the top dog. 3-2-8-5 for this one.

GV Tex Mex to win in Race 6. Picks: 3-4-5-7

Number 5, Slatex Nixon, from the "presidential litter" out of Rhythmless and Slatex Cindel looks good in Race 7. I have no idea who to put with him, so I'll go with the program picks on this one. 5-6-8-3

In Race 8, you have to go back quite a few races to find out that 5, L's Tootie, has had some really good races from the 8 box, where she is today. If she runs back to form, she'll be first over the finish line. This is another race with a lot of runners that go wide, so the outcome may depend on who's left standing after the turns. 5-4-3-8 for this one.

Race 10 Picks are 8-1-7-2. Tough race with a couple of pups that did very well in M, but might have a problem with this race.

How can you not like 8, Dakota's Wrecker, in Race 11? He's right where he wants to be and has the early speed to get himself out and around the turns before anyone else. He's on top of my picks which are 8-5-6-1.

In Race 13, the 1-Hilco Single, is one of those "I win or I don't come in" dogs that are so frustrating. He's had 4 wins out of 7 races, so I have to pick him to win, but if he doesn't, he likely won't hit the board at all. My picks: 1-3-6-2.

In Race 15, I'll go with the program picks, but in a slightly different order 5-3-1-2.

So there you have it. Twelve stakes races and in the 14th race, don't miss SH Avatar, top dog at Bluffs Run with 16 wins out of 25 races.

The Juvenile stakes continues on Saturday, June 8th, with 96 dogs again. On June 12th, the quarter finals will run with 48 dogs. The semi-finals, with 24 dogs, will run on Saturday, June 15th. The Finals will be run on Saturday, June 22nd.

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