About Pending Bonus

What is my pending bonus?

Your Pending Bonus balance (shown in the top right after logging in) shows you how much bonus you have qualified for. Your pending bonus is gradually released as real cash each time you make a bet or enter a daily fantasy sports contest on our site.

What are the benefits of pending bonus?

The biggest benefit is that you start getting your bonus funds the minute you start wagering! There is no need to wager a large sum of money in order to "qualify" for your bonus - the minute you start playing, pending bonus funds are released into your account. In addition, because bonuses are now tied directly to your wagering, we are able to offer larger bonuses than ever before!

cash-moneyHow fast does pending bonus become real cash? Pending bonus is released to real cash at a rate of 10% of your racing bets or fantasy sports entry fees.

So if you make a $25 wager, $2.50 of pending bonus will be released into your account. These funds will be released into your account after a race, sport or gaming contest ends and is graded.

What happens if I cancel a wager?

If you cancel a wager, that wager doesn't count. If you're playing a sports contest, and that game is cancelled you will also not receive the bonus for that either.

Why doesn't my pending bonus show up immediately?

There is a slight delay after you deposit funds, or tickets are graded, before your pending bonus funds show up. After your initial deposit, you may see a 1 - 5 minute delay before the pending bonus funds appear in your account. As well, when a racing ticket is resulted, or a contest ends, there may again be a 1 - 5 min delay before your bonus funds are released into your real money account. But don't worry, in both cases the funds WILL appear!

What are Wager Rewards and how are they different from pending bonus?

Reward Points are cash back rewards that are offered whenever you make a horse or greyhound bet. These reward points are in addition to your pending bonus and operate independently. So every time you make a horse or greyhound wager, you gain reward points based on your wagering. At anytime you can redeem these reward points to real money by going to "Redeem Rewards" under the promotions tab.

Pending Bonus are funds that you receive when BetAmerica runs a specific promotion on the site (signup, deposit, etc.). These Pending Bonus funds show up in your Pending Bonus balance. As you wager, pending balance funds are released into your real money account at a rate of 10% of every wager - whether it be a racing wager, or a BetAmerica Sports/Games entry fee.

If you have further questions about bonuses please contact us.