Bluffs Run Secretarys Choice Quarter Finals

TwinSpires Staff

September 13th, 2013

Technical difficulties forced the quarter finals from Wednesday to Saturday, September 14th. The semi finals will take place on Wednesday, September 18th. The final will still be held on Saturday, September 21st.

The first 6 races on Saturday's card are the ones that will produce the semi-finalists, and here's a look at some of the highlights and main likely top contenders.
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In Race 1, SH Avatar is in the 1 box and will, no doubt, take the lion's share of the crowd's money. The top greyhound for both wins and earnings at Bluffs Run has 27 wins out of 43 races. Boc's Sluicey is the second favorite and is prone to come in second, so has to be considered for exactas and exotics. Gable Esme in the 5 box could get in there if she has enough running room.

In Race 2, SH Limitless is on the list of top ten in earnings at Bluffs Run. Natural, in the 8 box, where he won by over 7 lengths in Grade A is at long odds, but has a good box and the speed to use it. The favorite is likely to be the Morning Line favorite at 5/2, Proven History in the 6 box, a tough spot, but if she shows the blazing speed she showed in her last race, she could do it from here.

In Race 3, the Morning Line favorite at 5/2, Boc's Steelforce is a top earner and has a win and a place in SA. 4-Topline Drive, is no stranger to stakes and wins going away when he brings his A game. Loris Landed in the 3 box is another one that has a win and a place in this series, so watch the odds.

In Race 4, Top Of The Pile is 3rd for both wins and earnings at Bluffs Run and has 28 out of 40 for wins. There's no question that he also has the speed needed to contend with anyone in this race, although Moto Taryn shows some back speed and is inside now, where she likes to be. Hilco Kola is also right where she wants to be and can break with the best of them.

Race 5 is tough to handicap. For some reason, I keep coming back to 5-Moto IB Candy with that 30.21 in her last race, although it was in Grade SB. She was second to Proven History, who is a favorite in today's 2nd race. PJ's Junkindatrunk could do something from the 8 box where she's won going away twice that we can see in her recent lines.

Race 6 has Bluffs Run Open winner DK's Flow Meter, second to SH Avatar in wins and earnings and with two wins in this series already. Gable Zeus, the Morning Line favorite, will need to curb his tendency to go wide on the turns, if he wants to match his speed to Flow Meter's. 8-DS Ping Pong might fire from the 8 box if given a chance. She has before.

As always, safe trips and good racing luck to all the greyhounds on today's program. Don't forget to watch and wager on Bet America where programs are free and bonus tracks pay rewards.