Belfort vs. Holyfield betting odds, preview, and pick

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Danny Howard

September 6th, 2021

Evander Holyfield and Vitor Belfort are ending their retirements to face each other in a boxing ring on Sept. 11. It's this year’s most unlikely fight, and we have the betting odds and pick you need before these veteran gladiators go toe to toe.

Vitor Belfort
Evander Holyfield

Belfort sees his fortunes change

There was very little to like in regard to Belfort’s chances against Oscar De La Hoya in their previously schedule bout, with The Golden Boy's inactivity being the only cause for concern. With De La Hoya out, Belfort finds a far more favorable opponent in he 58-year-old Holyfield.

Belfort was always a solid striker, even past his prime. From a physical standpoint, Belfort matches up well with Holyfield who was never a big heavyweight even in his heyday. Perhaps the best advantage he has is that he fights as a southpaw, as Holyfield is 1-3 against lefties over his long career.

Victor Belfort vs. Evander Holyfield tale of the tape

Vitor Belfortvs.Evander Holyfield
1-0 (26-14 in MMA)
1-3 (1 no contest)
Last 5 Fights
2-2 (1 no contest)
Southpaw stance
Key Intangibles
Size and reach

Holyfield is ending a decade of inactivity

"The Real Deal" last fought in 2011, with many figuring it was the final fight in a career that started nearly 30 years prior. For what it’s worth, Holyfield was preparing for an oft-delayed exhibition bout against Kevin McBride and has always been in fantastic shape.

Age aside, Holyfield has forgotten more about boxing than Belfort can hope to learn. It’s hard to imagine him operating close to how he looked 15 years ago, but Holyfield always had an iron will and a physical style. As Holyfield has been itching for a chance to prove himself worthy of a third and final bout with Mike Tyson, he certainly wouldn’t have jumped at such a risk if he felt he wasn’t ready for the challenge.

Belfort will defeat the ex-heavyweight champ

If Holyfield was closer to 50 than 60, there’d be little-to-no argument that he would stop Belfort inside the distance. Age, however, is not just a number in boxing. 

Though he’ll give it his best shot, Holyfield just won’t be able to command the strength to overpower the smaller Belfort. This should be a slow-paced fight more akin to a sparring session, and viewers will likely get the sense that Holyfield would win if he was just slightly busier. 

The divide in age and the circumstances of how late this fight was put together will inevitably favor Belfort. Expect Belfort to get the decision win over an old, opportunistic Holyfield.

Boxing pick: Belfort