Boxing: Errol Spence Jr. vs. Shawn Porter preview and pick

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September 19th, 2019

Errol Spence Jr. will hope to continue his march toward pound-for-pound supremacy against the dangerous Shawn Porter on Saturday, September 28. This clash between two of the best welterweights in the world tops a stacked card from Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Errol Spence Jr. vs. Shawn Porter odds

Errol Spence Jr.
Shawn Porter
While there is no doubt Spence and Porter are considered the best in their division, there is doubt this bout will be competitive. This has a lot to do with what we've seen from Spence and what we know about Porter.

Spence serves as the prohibitive favorite for good reason. On paper Spence is a nightmarish style match for Porter, who operates with an identity crisis and often switches from using his athleticism on the outside to mugging on the inside, which essentially smothers his work.

Spence's size and punching power neutralizes Porter's mugging tactics and his superior technique makes it improbable that Porter can overcome him with his set of tools. From what we've seen lately, Porter's unintentionally unorthodox style comes with a glaring weakness. Should he be restricted to fighting one way, he becomes predictable and open to punishment.

This doesn't bode well for Porter. Spence is an underrated body puncher, can mix his offense up to throw off a fighter's defensive rhythm and he doesn't overcommit, meaning he can reset without risk of retaliation.
Porter will give Spence plenty of chances, charging forward in hopes of bullying him to the ropes, and he'll take more punishment than he can give out. Unless he can throw Spence off with a passive strategy based off clinching and counters, Porter needs to survive long enough to land a big shot that may never come.

Survival is the best Porter can hope for. Once Spence lands enough early to limit Porter's options to the point of desperation, it'll get uglyto the point where Porter's toughness is the only thing keeping him up as Spence begins to pick him apart.

Spence will either stop him, or Porter's corner will intervene to save him, but this fight ends with Spence's hand raised in victory via another dominant performance against a top contender.

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