Boxing: Fury heavily favored over Wilder in second rematch

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March 26th, 2020

Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder are heading for a third and final showdown this summer. Hot off the heels of Fury’s brutal knockout win, oddsmakers have instilled him as a prohibitive favorite.

How will the trilogy end? Can Fury close the book on this rivalry? Will Wilder thrive in the underdog role? BetAmerica has you covered for the showdown scheduled for July 18 .

Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder III odds

Tyson Fury
Deontay Wilder

Why is Fury such a big favorite?

It should come as no surprise that Fury is a large favorite, after he blasted Wilder just a few months ago. Fury wasn’t at his best when he boxed Wilder’s ears off in their first fight, but he was downright destructive when he was in proper fighting shape for the rematch. In two fights Fury has demonstrated he is clearly in a class above Wilder, with an already insurmountable advantage in skills and size, along with momentum.

Will Wilder make a dramatic turnaround in just four months?

Wilder’s ballyhooing after his first loss has been about everything except himself. His camp, which long abandoned any sort of fundamentals in his crude game, bought into the nonsense that Wilder just needs one punch to end the fight.

Virtually unprepared to deal with an opponent who refused to give him any respect, Wilder was mangled and exposed as a one-trick pony, with little to offer beyond his situational power. Opting to keep the same team for the trilogy fight, it is all but assured Wilder will be just as unprepared.

What can we expect in the rematch?

In the 19 rounds between these two, we’ve seen enough to determine a third fight may be void of any suspense.

Unless Wilder transforms his style from technically challenged puncher to swarming dynamo à la Joe Frazier, he will get stopped again.

Fury should replicate the game plan from the rematch, when he crowded and hammered Wilder to the body and exploited Wilder's footwork and lack of defense. To survive Wilder needs to emphasize his jab, instead of forcing his right hand, but without the size or smarts to get Fury off his rhythm, this passive approach will only delay the inevitable.

Fury will stop Wilder again

There are no more variables to explore or possible outcomes to postulate. Fury has always been the superior fighter, and a third fight will hammer the point home. Some have suggested Wilder just leave Fury be and continue his career within the safety of the Premier Boxing Champions stable, as he did prior to the Fury fights.

Another lopsided stoppage will leave a lasting, negative mark on Wilder’s career, which will stand long after he finishes up in the ring. The better man will once again walk out of the ring champion. Fury will batter Wilder into submission once more.

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