Carl Herring vs. Jamel Frampton betting odds, preview, and pick

Profile Picture: Danny Howard

Danny Howard

February 1st, 2021

Carl Frampton is going for a title in his third weight class, but Jamel Herring isn’t interested in giving his title away.

They will clash Feb. 27, and we have a preview and a pick you need before the big fight.

Sat, February 27 2021, 10:00 PM

Herring, Jamel



Frampton, Carl



What’s left in the tank for “the Jackal”?

Frampton, at the age of 33, is hoping he still has enough left in the tank to win a title in a third weight class. He has bounced back well against middling opponents, after a competitive points loss to Josh Warrington in 2018.

The Irishman relies on his speed and reflexes to propel a very busy offense. He is well schooled, has respectable power, and while not in his prime, he is quick to pull the trigger and nimble on his feet.

To win that title, he’ll have to face Herring, an unlikely champion and former Marine. Herring has looked unimpressive since he won the belt in 2019, and his most recent bout against Jonathan Oquendo ended in a disqualification, after Herring complained he couldn’t see after receiving a headbutt.

Carl Frampton vs. Jamel Herring tale of the tape

Carl Frampton-----Jamel Herring
28-2 (16 KO)
22-2 (10 KO)
4-1 (2 KO)
Last 5 fights
5-0 (0 KO)
Key intangibles
Height and reach

Herring is low-hanging fruit

Herring is one of the weaker champions at 130. He was beaten convincingly early in his career, and even after he won the title, he hasn’t risen above those defeats.

This fight is only close in odds because there is doubt Frampton can summon the effort to defeat an opponent who has a five-inch advantage in height and an eight-inch advantage in reach. Frampton can fight out of a tough spot, but Herring doesn’t like being pressured or getting hit.

Frampton should have an easy night

Going back to the Oquendo fight, Herring was clearly uncomfortable when he faced Oquendo’s pressure and was looking for a way out when he complained to the referee ahead of the disqualification.

Herring doesn’t have the style to beat Frampton, which is to disrupt his rhythm with a jab and smother him with activity. The height and reach advantages only work if Herring fights tall and long, but Frampton is still quick enough to get on the inside and start working over Herring to the body.

There’s no reason for Frampton to take any unnecessary risks, in the event Herring gets desperate. Frampton will dart in and out, put pressure on the champion, and outwork him to win a decision

Boxing pick: Frampton