Joe Smith Jr. vs. Maksim Vlasov betting odds, preview, and pick

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Danny Howard

January 25th, 2021

Boxing’s premier blue-collar fighter is going for the gold. Joe Smith Jr. is set to take on Maksim Vlasov for a vacant light heavyweight title on Saturday, Feb. 13.

Can Smith finally get over the hump? Or does the unknown Vlasov have a title-winning effort in him? We have the odds and preview you need for their upcoming clash.

Sun, February 14 2021, 3:00 AM

Smith, Joe Jr.



Vlasov, Maksim



Is two years too long for Vlasov?

It has been a long career for Vlasov, a fighter who has orbited light heavyweight and cruiserweight, but he is ending a two-year layoff to fight Smith. That is an extraordinarily long time for a fighter who has picked up a lot of miles.

Smith has has held his own against contenders and former champions in that same time period and will have no ring rust to shake off in the early rounds.

Smith is among the biggest punchers in the division, and that may not work out well for a fighter who is going to need a few rounds to see what his body is still capable of.

Smith vs. Vlasov tale of the tape

Joe Smith Jr.-----Maksim Vlasov
26-3 (21 KO)
45-3 (26 KO)
5'11 1/2"
73 1/2"
3-2 (2 KO)
Last 5 fights
4-1 (2 KO)
Key Intangibles

Smith has been fighting at a higher level

Smith was the first fighter to knock out Bernard Hopkins, in the legend’s final fight, and he recently battered prospect Jesse Hart and ex-champ Eleider Alvarez in his last two bouts. These fighters had varying styles, and he handled them with blunt power and will to win.

Vlasov’s three losses have all come against the best opponents he stepped up to face. The saving grace for Vlasov is that he has a granite chin. However, a straight-up fistfight will quickly lead to a stoppage, and Smith will be the first person to stop the durable Russian inside the distance.

Smith should finally come up big

Vlasov is going to put his faith in his durability and hope this is a night Smith is unprepared to handle an opponent looking to box. Smith has been hopelessly outboxed before, but Vlasov is nowhere as good as those fighters.

Smith will get over the hump to win a one-sided decision on the cards to finally become a world champion.

Boxing pick: Smith