Khan vs. Brook betting odds, preview, and pick

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Danny Howard

December 22nd, 2021

There’s never a bad time for a good fight, as Amir Khan and Kell Brook finally prepare to settle their differences in a long overdue grudge match scheduled for Feb. 19, 2022.

Let's examine their upcoming bout, beginning with the latest betting odds.

Amir KhanDrawKell Brook

Brook is worn, but dangerous

The former welterweight champion has been put through the ringer over the years, but he’s shown a lot of versatility and growth over his career. Though he’s been a fierce competitor, Brook was cut down by Terence Crawford in four rounds in November 2020, and hasn’t fought since.

At his best, Brook is a slick boxer who possesses strong ring generalship and decent power. Before the Crawford loss, he was competing at junior middleweight, winning two of those three fights by knockout.

Amir Khan vs. Kell Brook tale of the tape

Amir Khanvs.Kell Brook
34-5 (21 KO)
39-3 (27 KO)
3-2 (2 KO)
Last 5 Fights
3-2 (2 KO)

Khan is dealing with long stretches of inactivity

After years of moving the goalposts when it came to fighting his regional foil, Khan has finally been convinced to take the fight due to limited options and his advancing age. Bolton’s Khan has been plagued by years of inactivity and diminishing returns, but he hasn’t accumulated the punishment Brook has.

Even at 35, Khan has some of the fastest hands in boxing. He uses his speed to strafe opponents, but also can disorient them to land some devastating body shots. By the time the Brook fight rolls along, Khan will have been out of the ring almost 31 months.

Brook, the superior technician, will stop Khan

Brook is the reliable technician who has good power, an excellent technical base, and the better overall skill set, but the beatings he’s taken over the years makes this an even bout. As fast as Khan is, he’s never been hard to hit, and his glass jaw has been a part of more highlight reels through his career than his hand speed.

Because Khan relies so much on his reflexes, his age and inactivity makes him worse off than Brook. Despite being a former gold medalist, Khan is nowhere near as refined as Brook, who retains his timing and power.

Those tempted to take Khan as an upset should be wary. Brook holds a distinct stylistic advantage over him and will bypass his speed with pinpoint jabs while trying to time an overhead right as Khan charges in. Brook will connect with a looping shot Khan won’t avoid, leaving his rival crumpled and knocked out in the seventh round.

Boxing pick: Brook