Lara vs. Warrington betting odds, preview, and pick

Profile Picture: Danny Howard

Danny Howard

September 1st, 2021

Josh Warrington and Mauricio Lara will face off in a rematch of 2021’s biggest upset on Saturday, Sept. 4.

With a title on the line and all eyes on Leeds, England, let's get into the preview and make a pick for this showdown.

Sat, September 4 2021, 5:00 PM

Lara, Mauricio



Warrington, Josh



Lara stunned Warrington with his power

When Lara obliterated Warrington in February, nobody saw it coming.

Lara seldom fought outside his home country, Mexico, and was nothing more than a stay-busy fight, so Warrington could stay fresh for a potential rematch with Kid Galahad, but Warrington was wiped out in nine rounds.

The younger Lara wasn’t fazed by Warrington at all. Lara walked through his opponents' shots before he put him down. Though Warrington may opt for a hit-and-run strategy this time, Lara will no doubt have plenty of confidence.

Warrington hopes class, not brass, will win the day

The reign of Leeds’ first world champion came to a shocking halt. After he defeated Lee Selby for his title in 2018, Warrington looked to be the class of the featherweight division.

Time is not on his side. Fighters in the lower divisions tend to age rapidly in the ring once they hit their 30s, and Warrington cannot take this bout lightly, if he hopes to retain his title and salvage his career.

Lara vs. Warrington tale of the tape

Mauricio Laravs.Josh Warrington
22-2, 15 KO
30-1, 7 KO
5-0, 4 KO
Last five fights
4-1, 1 KO
Stubborn pressure style
Key advantages
Speed and footwork

Lara will stop Warrington again

Warrington has a tougher assignment on his hands, to play matador to Lara’s bull. He was overconfident and dismissive last time, and that meant he got blown up in the kind of loss that will follow him for the rest of his career. Fighting in an cautious manner won’t help with the judges and will serve as a boon to Lara, who is already brimming with confidence.

Lara knows he’ll have no trouble hurting Warrington and will always be ready to engage, whereas Warrington will hope to jab out the clock and use the ring to his advantage.

For all his skill and accomplishments, though, Warrington couldn’t avoid Lara then, and he certainly won’t do it now. Eventually, he’ll either tire or have no choice but to stand his ground.

Lara is going to prove the first fight was no accident and will hand Warrington another knockout defeat in the later rounds.

Boxing pick: Lara