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Baccarat vs. Blackjack: Which game has the best odds?

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Simon Young

June 2nd, 2020

As casino table games, baccarat and blackjack couldn’t be any more different. While blackjack requires decision making and at least some knowledge of basic strategy, baccarat is a "bet and forget" game, where your only decision is how much to wager.

Then there is the image of both games. Blackjack conjures up pictures of crowded Las Vegas-style casinos, where you jump into the action and play alongside random strangers. Before you know it, you’re all best friends having the time of your life. Baccarat, on the other hand, has an air of sophistication, a mysterious game favored by well-educated high-rollers or James Bond.

The advent of online casinos like BetAmerica Casino has changed everything. Table casino games are now available to the masses. No longer are we worried about getting things wrong, not looking the part, or concerned about betting too small. In the comfort of our own homes, we can do whatever we like.

It has led to interesting behaviors. Whereas baccarat is rarely played in live casinos, far more people like having a go in an online casino. And as players better understand if baccarat has the best odds, that number is undoubtedly going to rise.

Baccarat vs. blackjack odds

Some customers don’t care about the house edge. They’re just happy to play at the casino for some casual entertainment, knowing that if they got lucky, they might make some cash. But many players do understand the importance of the house edge because it’s a fact that some games give you more of a chance than others.

Every casino game has a house edge so that it makes a profit. But some have a low edge, meaning in any given session, you are more likely to come out ahead than on other games. One such game is blackjack, where the house, when facing a player who knows the basics of blackjack strategy, has an edge of only around 1%.

What will surprise many is that baccarat has similar odds of success for the player – and better still, you don’t have to have a clue about what you’re doing.

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Baccarat or blackjack

In baccarat, you simply decide when to bet on the player, the banker, or a tie. And that’s it. You place your chips in the required segment, and the dealer plays out the hand for you. You don’t need to understand what’s going on at this point.

But that’s part of the charm. Not having to work out what to do next means you don’t have to work for your money, should you make a profit.

The house edge is pretty much the same in both games, but in blackjack, you have to work for that house edge by learning basic strategy and making the right calls. To minimize your risk in baccarat, avoid betting on a tie. Instead, always bet on player or the banker, where the odds are 1.17% and 1.36% against you, respectively.

Differences between baccarat and blackjack

In live casinos, one of the significant differences is the minimum stakes. You tend to have a much higher minimum bet, which is where the reputation for baccarat being a high-rollers’ game comes in. If you don’t have sufficient bankroll, a run of bad luck can hit you hard.

However, in casino blackjack games, the minimum stake is far lower, perhaps as much as only $5.

The good news is that in online casinos, you can play baccarat for much less. At places like BetAmerica Casino, you can even try it for free.

Trying out these games is a perfect way to find out which ones you enjoy. After all, casino games are supposed to be fun.

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