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Best Bets in Roulette: Popular roulette numbers to bet on

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Simon Young

May 29th, 2020

Watching people playing roulette in casinos is more enjoyable than you might think. You can tell a lot about a person by the way they play the game. First, some cautiously put out a single bet on red or black, while others liberally cover the table with seemingly random bets.

Both types of people are having just as much fun, but only one is keen to maintain conservative swings. Betting the minimum on red or black, or odd or even, is a 1:1 shot that won’t trouble your bankroll too fast. Our friend seemingly spraying chips on multiple numbers, groups of numbers, and more, is willing to risk more in the hope of landing a higher reward.

But which way is right? The truth is, there is no failsafe roulette strategy. If there were, we’d all follow it and make a fortune.

Having first established that in the short term, we might win, but we’re just as likely to lose, we might relax a little more and embrace roulette for what it is – a grand form of entertainment that could earn you some extra bucks.

What are the best roulette bets for you?

As we’ve already seen, much of this is down to your nature. If you are a little on the cautious side, you might prefer to go on the even money bets at TwinSpires Casino. If you have plenty of time, then this is a fun way to spend an hour or so – you’re not going to lose anything quickly. But get a nice streak going, and you could walk away with a small win.

But if you have a little more gamble in you, and maybe don’t have much time, then you can place bets with a 35:1 payout, by merely putting your bet on a single number. You can place bets on many single numbers, and if one comes in, the payout sure will look good as the croupier pushes it your way.

Perhaps a happy medium is to select groups of numbers. Place a bet on the crosshairs of four numbers, which covers you for any of those coming in. You can choose two numbers in this way or one or two rows, each with varying chances of success, but certainly more lively than only playing even money bets each round.

Best roulette odds

The single bet number pays out most in terms of odds, but is it the best bet? Not really, you will only win once every 36 spins, so you must have a pretty deep bankroll to play this strategy. Sure, you might win on your first spin of the wheel, but that will only be profitable if you get up and walk away instantly. And we all know that’s not going to happen.

That’s why the best odds are probably the safest roulette bet – even money on red or black, or odd or even. You might also go wild and bet on two rows – six chances to win.

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The best way to bet on roulette

If pushed, consider betting, say, five units each round on an even-money bet, and one unit a round on a more adventurous play. With a little luck, with these best roulette bet combinations, you will be marginally ahead with your even-money bets, which will pay for your gamble on the single numbers. And you have the excitement of the gamble landing once in a while to make you a tidy profit.

Other best roulette bet tips cover placing bets on corners, rows, and a single bet, such that you include the whole table but usually win back less than you bet – unless you get lucky on the single bet.

What you most certainly shouldn’t do, if playing the American Roulette version, is the five-number bet, which covers the zero and double zero segments, plus the three numbers below. Why? Because that bet has a whopping house edge of 7.29%.

Another good tip is to follow a strategy like the Martingale system. You can look it up for more information, but it’s a logical way of increasing your bet each time you lose such that when you do win, you get it all back plus a little extra. This is not a failsafe method and can be quite dangerous if you go on a very unlucky streak!

The 10 best numbers in roulette

Let’s be clear: in reality, there are none. Your best numbers in roulette will be your favorite for your own reason. Perhaps one is your birthday, another your partners’ birthday, or your apartment number. You might have a lucky number – just bet on what makes you feel good because we all know that one number has the same chance as the rest, 35:1.

By all means, study the list by the table of the recent numbers to come in, but remember that every new spin of the wheel comes with the same odds as any other. If the last ten numbers have been red, it doesn’t make it any more likely that the next will be black. The spin starts as usual with an even-money chance.

Experiment to see what works for you

TwinSpires Casino has plenty of ways for you to find the best bet in roulette. You can play on your own with a computer croupier for free to find your feet, then create an account and play for real money. With real money, you can try your hand at our live dealer roulette tables, which are just like betting in a real casino.