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Betting on green zero in roulette: Odds, payouts & winning chances

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Simon Young

December 3rd, 2020

Roulette players can be a superstitious bunch. Many tend to place the same bets repeatedly, while others follow the same routine or pattern, perhaps employing one of the well-known betting strategies. But what is common among them all is an irrational unfriendly attitude towards the green zero.

The zero pocket on the roulette wheel is on nobody’s Christmas list because if the ball lands on it, everyone else loses their money. Bet on red, black, odd, or even? Place chips on columns, rows, or dozens? Or maybe sprinkle some wagers on individual numbers? It matters not – if zero hits, you’ll lose the lot.

Roulette green payout

With this rather unfortunate turn of events in mind, some players religiously place a bet on zero, reasoning that they will at least reap some rewards while everyone else loses their shirt. The good news is the roulette green payout is rather good – odds of 35/1, in fact. Put $5 on it, and you will win $175. Very nice!

However, the odds are stacked high when betting on green on roulette for a reason. Just like every other number you can bet on individually – 1 to 36 – it will come up rarely. Once in every 37 spins, if variance played no part.

Gamblers often believe green on roulette comes up more than it does, but it’s only because they remember the times they lose with it. It’s like a poker player moaning about bad beats – they forget all the times they inflict bad beats on others.

Why is there a zero on roulette?

It’s the zero that gives the casino a house edge. As we have seen, when the ball lands in the green pocket, the house takes the lot. It’s why if you bet red or black, or odd or even, you are not strictly getting a 50/50 shot. You are getting an 18/37 shot.

Should we be upset by this apparent sleight of hand by the casinos? No, even though we don’t like it, we must all accept that casinos have a house edge in every casino table game and every slot. It’s how they make a profit that allows them to put on an entertaining gaming platform for us.

Betting on green in roulette

There is no right or wrong way to play roulette. Well, that’s not strictly true. The wrong way would be to put all your money on one spin of the wheel. The right way would be to spread out your bets of multiple spins, so you make your money (and your entertainment) last longer.

There is certainly no harm in betting on the green, perhaps as part of a wider strategy. The James Bond betting strategy, for example, includes a small bet on green, together with a few other bets, repeated every single spin.

American roulette double zero

This version of roulette has a second green pocket, with a double zero. It’s bad news for players since there are now two pockets that forfeit all other bets. It also has a payout of 35/1 if you bet on it, but it basically doubles the chances of all bets being lost.

However, if you can find a French roulette table, there might be some good news. In the French version of the game, players do not automatically lose their outside bets (like red or black, odd or even). Instead, one of two things happen. If the En Prison rule is in play, all your chips remain in place for the next spin of the wheel, so you get a second chance to win (or lose). There might also be the La Partage rule, where you lose half of your outside bets, and the remainder are returned to you before the next spin.

You can see the benefit of French Roulette for the players. Not so much for the house, which is why so few casinos run the game.

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