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Double Diamond slot review: Payouts, strategies & how to play

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Simon Young

August 21st, 2020

If you prefer your senses to be battered from all directions, then hi-tech video slots might be for you. Exciting video graphics, theater-style booming soundtracks, heart-pumping bonus features all engross you in a fantasy world.

However, not everyone wants their casino action to be like something out of Hollywood. Many people prefer a stripped-down, basic slot that is pleasing in its simplicity, a game that could have been considered visionary… in 1980.

That game is Double Diamond, which has a vast following owing to its classic style and the way you can play it on autopilot.

Double Diamond slot machine

There are not thousands of ways to win here, across five busy reels, no tumbling symbols or bonus gameplay. With Double Diamond, you get three reels and just ONE payline. Even big brother Triple Diamond, also from IGT games, has nine paylines – a bonanza by comparison.

The classic theme continues with the symbols used in the game. There are cherries, red sevens, bars, and the Double Diamond, which acts as a wild on the payline and is also the most rewarding by far if you land three of them, getting you 1,000 times your bet.

Double Diamond slot machine payout

It’s easy to see how to win on Double Diamond slots. You get 2 times your bet with one cherry (any reel), 5 times with two (any reel), and 10 times with three cherries.

For all other symbols, you must hit three of the same to win:

  • Double diamonds: 1,000 times
  • Red seven: 80 times
  • Purple triple bar: 40 times
  • Pink double bar: 25 times
  • Turquoise single bar: 10 times
  • Combination of bars: 5 times

You can make a line of three symbols with one wild Double Diamond symbol, which will double the usual line payout. Make a line with two Double Diamond symbols and get 4 x the typical payout.

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Double Diamond slot machine strategy

There is no strategy needed to press the start button and hope to make a winning line. With that said, the way you approach your slot play will help with your money management, which in itself can improve your profits.

Firstly, only bet in increments you can afford. Yes, you might get lucky and land three Double Diamond symbols on your first couple of spins, but it’s unlikely. Dial down the size of your bets, and you will get more spins for your money, giving you more opportunity to enjoy the pleasing simplicity of the game.

The game offers an auto spin feature, from 10 up to 50 spins, but that can allow you to be distracted. By using the manual spin button, you can assess whether to keep going or not after each spin.

Finally, don’t chase your losses. All casino games are a form of entertainment. You shouldn’t expect to win, although it’s nice when you do. So, if your session on Double Diamond slots is not going well, don’t increase your bet size in the hope of getting back to profit fast. While it can work, it can also land you deeper in the red, and that leads to a negative experience.

Simple mobile gameplay

All modern slots look good on your mobile devices. But playing the Double Diamond slot on an app is even better because it is so straightforward.

Many online casinos will have an app. Those that don’t deploy a mobile-friendly browser experience so that you can still enjoy slots on your cell or tablet.

Free Double Diamond slots

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