Flat betting casino system explained: Examples and useful tips

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September 4th, 2020

For many novice gamblers, a first visit to the casino is like a kid stepping inside a candy store. There is wonderment at the vast selection of tempting goodies and, with a pocketful of cash, off they go and spend it all.

While having fun in a casino is, of course, the name of the game, we should take care of our money and not spend it all at once. The experienced gamblers call it their bankroll, the total amount they have kept aside for their gambling pursuits, be it casino gaming or sports betting.

New casino players need to learn how to restrict their spending, so their bankroll not only lasts longer but hopefully grows as well. One way to do this is to employ a flat betting system.

What is a flat betting system?

Flat betting is an easy system to grasp, and once you do, you’ll soon realize how logical it is and how useful it is for helping your spending and increasing your casino enjoyment.

Essentially, you take the size of your bankroll and limit any bet to a small percentage, perhaps 1% at first, of that bankroll for a set period of time. Then, once the period is over, you make your bet limit 1% of your new bankroll total – hopefully, it will be higher than before. But it’s not the end of the world if it has gone down because your bet size will decrease to take that into account.

A casino flat betting example

Let’s assume you have a gambling bankroll of $1,000. Rather than taking that to the casino on one session and betting randomly, you instead resolve to bet only 1% on any given online casino table game for a set period, perhaps a month.

That means you can only ever bet $10 (1% of $1,000) on any casino bet. When the month is up, you re-evaluate your position. Perhaps you employed a solid blackjack strategy and ended the month at $1,300. Great news, for the next month, you increase your flat bet to $13 each time (1% of $1,300).

Of course, if you take too many wrong turns at the roulette table, you might find your bankroll has shrunk to $700 at the end of month one. If that’s the case, you must now reduce your flat bet to $7 for the following month.

You can see that if your bankroll increases, you can raise your bets and hopefully make even more, but if you then lose, simply reduce the flat bet for the next period.

Using this system for flat betting at blackjack or flat betting baccarat protects you from losing all your money at once, an experience nobody wants during a trip to the casino.

Advanced flat betting systems

While novice casino players should keep their flat betting simple, they can adopt more advanced strategies as they progress.

The starting point is static flat betting, which we have already described. Next is academic or expert flat betting, where you can adjust your bets up to 3% depending on how confident you are in the casino game. Suppose you are particularly adept at blackjack, for example. However, if you go on a losing streak in a session, bring your 3% back down to 1% until things settle down.

Aggressive flat betting is like expert flat betting, but in this case, you do not lower your bets to a 1% level, even if things go awry. This is considered high risk because spending 3% of your bankroll each bet in the middle of a losing run is asking for trouble.

Finally, chaotic flat betting is there for the gamblers who don’t mind high risk. They might employ a strategy of betting 10% of their roll on any bet. You can see that ten losing bets in a row could wipe them out!

Try flat betting at the casino now

Now that you understand the logic of a solid flat betting strategy, you can try it out for yourself at BetAmerica Casino. Just remember to adjust your betting amount according to your bankroll – in this case, the amount of money you deposit into the casino.

You should always consider your bankroll as the amount you have set aside - and can afford to lose - for gambling. Don’t figure it means all of your savings and cash set aside for your living expenses!

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