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Hot & Cold Slots: Cleopatra Gold has been hotter than the Egyptian desert

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Simon Young

November 10th, 2021

Put a bunch of slots fans in one room, and they will never agree if they prefer to play hot slots or cold. Some will delight in the fact that a slot has been paying out, sure that it will continue its generosity. Others believe the hot slots have had their moment in the sun, and it’s the cold slots that are ready to heat up.

Unfortunately for all of them, there is no way of telling which of the games are hot and which are cold. With an online platform like TwinSpires Casino, you can’t see how other online players are winning or losing on any slot game.

But that’s where our friendly men with white coats and clipboards can help. They don’t actually wear white coats or wander around with clipboards, but that’s how I like to imagine them. These guys and girls have access to all the data, and can tell which of the slots are paying out and which of them have been reluctant to splash the cash.

And because they are a helpful bunch, they’ve passed that info onto me so that I can relay it to you.

Hot Slots

First up are our hot slots over the past few weeks, which you may well think will continue to dish out the dollars. Chief in the hot corner is Fortune Coin, an Asian-themed favorite from IGT. There are 243 ways to win in this game, but the big prizes that so many of our customers have enjoyed recently come from launching the bonus feature, triggered by Fortune Coins (obviously).

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Cleopatra Gold is another slot that’s currently hotter than the Egyptian desert. Enjoy the theme, with hieroglyphic symbols, traditional music, and a giant rendition of Cleopatra’s beautiful face looming over the top of the reels. It’s easy to see why so many Roman emperors fell for her charms.

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Next up on the hot slot section is Jin Ji Bai Xi Endless Treasure. Back in September, one lucky TwinSpires Casino player scooped $50,000 playing this SG Digital game, and it’s been paying out well ever since. Another Asian-themed slot, it has been a firm favorite in brick-and-mortar casinos for years. It clearly made a good transition to the online world.

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Cold Slot Machines

As sure as what goes up must come down, and that night follows day, there’s a cold slot for every hot one.

My clipboard chums tell me three are currently reluctant to pay out the big bucks. But surely that’s all about to change at any moment?

First on the naughty step is Guns N’ Roses. Regular readers might note that this is the second successive month where the Guns N’ Roses slot has featured as cold. Make of that what you will. It’s a full-on, rocking slot to play, however, so you’ll have a heap of fun finding out for yourself.

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Lightning Horseman trots up as our second cold slot. It may have been popular over the Halloween period, but the game that celebrates the legend of the headless horseman didn’t pay out huge amounts. It’s a cold slot – and is genuinely chilling, so don’t play in the dark.

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Lastly, you might like to play Divine Fortune Megaways in the hope that it’s about to pay out big. The original game, Divine Fortune, is a regular in the big winner’s standings, so it’s something of a surprise to find the Megaways version lagging behind recently. But, with the luck of the Greek Gods, you might get lucky on your trip up Mount Olympus.

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Play Hot and Cold Slots at TwinSpires Casino

Are you inspired to go hot or cold? Whichever way you decide, you’ll need to register for your account at TwinSpires Casino. Deposit your funds, claim your welcome bonus, then head to the temperature-controlled slots section to find all of the slots in this article and many, many more. Good luck!