Hot & Cold Slots: Da Vinci Diamonds are a player's best friend

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July 9th, 2021

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone had a quiet word in your ear to tell you which games are running hot and which ones have forgotten it’s summer and remain as cold as ice?

Happily, the statistical wizards at TwinSpires Casino have been poking around the data to come up with precisely that information. So, if you like to play the hot games in the belief that you can catch the wave before it breaks, you’re in luck. And if you prefer to play the cold games because they must surely be about to start paying out, we’ve also got you covered.

Here are the current top three hot and cold games to enjoy.

Get it While It’s Hot

If you’ve been following the news here at TwinSpires Casino, then you’ll know one of our players had a great start to summer, winning more than half a million bucks on the thrilling Wild Play SuperBet slot game. If that doesn’t make a slot hot, we’re not sure what will.

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If you know your slots, you’ll appreciate that Wild Play SuperBet is a bit like Starburst with the energy button turned up to max. Wilds with random multipliers and cool bonus action make this game a joy to play – and currently win on, it seems.

Da Vinci Diamonds is always a popular slot machine in the casino, whether it’s running hot or not. Right now, it’s hot, and our players have been enjoying payouts from the Renaissance master and his portraits.

Will you be smiling like the Mona Lisa? Is she even smiling? Who cares when you’re winning on this IGT slot.

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Our third hot game of the month isn’t a slot game at all, but one of our popular table games, Blackjack Poker & Pairs. This old favorite from IGT adds some spice to your normal blackjack encounter because you get to place side bets if you wish.

Poker and pairs are two side bet options – in poker, you must make up a winning three-card poker hand from your first two cards and the dealer’s upcard. There are big payouts if you get lucky, including 100/1 if you land a suited three of a kind, like three queen of spades cards. Perfect pairs pay out if your first two cards are pairs (suited is 30/1).

Cool Down with These Slots

Cold slots are not necessarily a bad thing; they must be about to run hot, right? After all, what goes up must come down, and the other way around. Here, then, are our three cold slots. Will you time it right and be there for the big win?

First up is Lightning Horseman, a spooky slot based on the legend of the headless horseman. Saddle up and keep your head on this five-row game from Lightning Box, and you might find yourself galloping to our next big win.

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Formidable big cats are the theme of Cats, a five-reel classic from IGT.  Set on the plains under the scorching African sun, it’s the last slot you expect to be cold. But just recently, the lions and tigers in Cats have been sleeping. Surely it won’t be long before they wake up, and you’ll be the one roaring with delight with big prizes?

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The third of our cold slots is Bonanza. Perhaps it’s a little ironic that the famous Gold Rush-themed game from Big Time Gaming currently lacks in riches. But we have seen many times before that the Wild West romp of a slot can pay out big cash. So, keep digging for that gold because it might just be coming your way.

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