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How to play Lightning Roulette online: Rules, strategy, odds, and house edge

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Simon Young

September 21st, 2021

Roulette was already one of the world’s most-loved casino games, but now the latest technology and clever thinking have given it an electrifying twist. First Person Lightning Roulette adds an incredible new virtual reality dimension to the game, bringing the potential for huge player wins.

When you first load the game, you might think that Lightning Roulette is like Evolution Gaming’s regular studio-based live dealer roulette games. You have the table on which you can place your bets, a genial live host, and the roulette wheel. But that’s where the similarities end because Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts also come into play, and the studio is given a gorgeous black and gold color scheme.

Lightning Roulette Rules

Lightning Roulette, which is available now at TwinSpires Casino, follows the usual roulette rules – you get to place your bets in the normal way, on straight-up numbers, lines, red or black, and the other types of bet that create excitement on every spin. However, once the bets close and before the ball stops, the host pulls a lever, and the studio wall then displays two to five roulette numbers, each with a random multiplier.

If you have made a straight-up bet on one of those numbers, and it comes in, you win your stake multiplied by the random multiplier. The multipliers are:

  • 50x
  • 100x
  • 200x
  • 300x
  • 400x
  • 500x

The Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts are highlighted, too, on the betting area so you can see easily if you have the chance to win. If you selected a Lucky Number, then the excitement soars to new levels as you could be in for a big payout.

Let’s say you placed a $10 bet on 27. After the bets close, 27 comes up as a Lucky Number and has an incredible 500x Lucky Payout attached. Your excitement turns to delight when the ball settles in the 27 pocket of the roulette wheel. You win $10 x 500, which comes to an amazing $5,000 payout!

The action is fast and entertaining, with brilliant graphics and sound, making Lightning Roulette a truly immersive live dealer casino game experience.

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Lightning Roulette Odds

The Lucky Number and Lucky Payouts aspect of Lightning Roulette means they are likely to make significant extra payments to winning players. Something has to give, and that comes with reduced odds for straight-up bets.

Usually, if you win on a straight-up bet, you land a payout of 35:1. But in Lightning Roulette, that payout is reduced to 30:1. The extra that the casino keeps is used to pay for those bumper Lucky Number payouts.

All other bets on the Lightning Roulette board retain the same odds and payouts as the normal roulette game. As for the house edge, that equals around 2.9%, meaning that for every $100 you bet, you are expected to lose $2.90. Volatility of course means you might win or lose on any single session.

Lightning Roulette Strategy

The game comes down to luck since results depend on which pocket of the wheel the white ball falls into. However, logic dictates that you should place straight-up bets since the potential for huge prizes come via the Lucky Numbers. Otherwise, you’ll just be playing normal odds roulette but without the added excitement.

As for betting systems, you cannot use any of the normal roulette systems like the Martingale Strategy because that requires you to be on 50/50 bets like red or black, or odd or even. The best strategy is instead to bet what you can afford spread over multiple straight-up numbers.

The more numbers you have, the more likely it is you will find yourself on one of the Lucky Numbers. Then, it’s a question of fingers crossed to see if your Lucky Number comes in.

Play First Person Lightning Roulette Online

First Person Lightning Roulette is one of the many exciting studio games you will find at TwinSpires Casino. If you have not already done so, register your account, make your first deposit and claim the generous welcome bonus. Then, find Lightning Roulette and get started. Good luck!