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James Bond roulette strategy explained: A complete guide

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Simon Young

October 9th, 2020

James Bond is not only pretty good at saving the world with seconds to spare; he also seems to win a lot in the casino. We often see him scooping cash in baccarat, and he famously won it all in a high-stakes poker game against the evil Le Chiffre in Casino Royale.

But it’s roulette that was Bond creator Ian Fleming’s game of choice for his super-smooth spy. The James Bond roulette strategy was not, however, in Bond books or films. It has simply been devised in his name.

First, let’s examine the James Bond roulette strategy to see if it leaves you shaken, not stirred.

What is the James Bond roulette bet?

A flat bet system, meaning you place the same amount each spin, the James Bond roulette strategy can mount up decent profits quite quickly. Unfortunately, like for so many of Bond’s adversaries, it can also leave you with an unfortunate, sticky ending.

You need a healthy bankroll to use this 007 roulette strategy. You bet 20 units a spin, so $20 a spin in our example. No doubt Mr. Bond would bet at least $200, perhaps even $2,000 a spin, as he seems to splash the British government’s money around liberally.

It’s a combination bet method, with three different bets needed each time.

First, you must stake $14 on the high numbers, so 19 to 36. Next, put $5 on a six line (or double street) – so, place the bet so that it covers two rows of three numbers, namely 13 to 18. Finally, put the last $1 on the green zero.

The idea is that by using this combination, you cover more possible outcomes than you might otherwise have done.

Incidentally, in this method, you are playing a European roulette table with a single zero segment. If you are on an American Roulette table – and I can’t imagine Bond ever doing that – then simply place the last $1 bet as a split between the 0 and the 00 segments.

Whatever the result of your first spin, you repeat as many times as you wish (or can afford). Hopefully, you end up with a profit.

How much can you win with the James Bond roulette method?

Unfortunately, you cannot win all the bets you have in play, because if one of your group of six numbers comes in, you cannot win the zero number or the 19-36 bet. And if the green zero comes in, you cannot win the group of six or the high numbers 19-36.

Here are the possible outcomes:

  • If 1-12 comes in, you lose everything, a $20 loss
  • If 13-18 comes in at 5/1, you get $25, a $5 profit
  • If 19-36 comes in, at 1/1 you get $28, an $8 profit
  • If the 0 comes at 35/1, you win $35, a $15 profit

So, to win anything at all, simply avoid numbers 1-12. You can see that you really need to land the occasional zero to boost your profits. For example, winning three 13-18 bets in a row would give you a $15 profit, which would all be wiped out if the next spin came 1-12.

Is the James Bond betting strategy profitable?

It saddens me to say that this time, Mr. Bond does not have the final word. Statistically, no betting system can beat the house in roulette. If there were such a system, we would all be driving around in vintage silver Aston Martin DB5s with a licence to do anything we wanted, except kill.

Sadly, there is no proof that playing Bond will help you win at the roulette table, which is a shame. Still, it might be fun to put on a tuxedo next time you visit your local casino, order a medium-dry vodka martini (shaken, not stirred) and give it a go.

Just steer clear of any insane looking criminal masterminds stroking a white cat. That generally doesn’t end well.

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