Meltdown slot machine review, payouts, and bonus to play online

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April 29th, 2021

Traditional stepper slots have been staples of live casinos for decades. With few thrills but low volatility, the classic slots still make up a large proportion of brick-and-mortar casino games and are popular in online platforms too.

Meltdown from Everi is a fine example of the genre. Although the slot theme is a radioactive disaster, it's actually pleasant to play, mostly because it's so simple, as these classic slots found at TwinSpires Casino tend to be.

How to Play Meltdown Slot Machine

The game is a basic three-reel slot with just one payline across the middle. As with other stepper-style slots, you don't always land a symbol on the payline, let alone the three required for a win.

Visually, there is nothing to write home about. The style is of some dodgy-looking nuclear reactor holding radioactive materials. The sound effects reflect those you might expect from an old power plant in somewhere creepy like, ooh, I don't know, Chernobyl.

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You get to choose your bet size and your bet multiplier, which will increase your winning amounts accordingly. The only other choice is selecting whether to spin the reels yourself or picking the auto spin feature.

The symbols are standard ones for this type of game, namely the red seven and bars in single, double, or treble form. You must land any combination of three bars on the payline, three of the same size bars, or three red sevens to win.

The Meltdown logo, made up of a radiation sign with a little emergency red light on top, is the wild symbol. It substitutes for the other bars and the red seven, but you also get a small win if just one wild appears on the payline and a slightly bigger reward if two feature on the payline. The top prize in the base game is three wild symbols in a row. It pays out 55x your stake at the 1x multiplier level up to 2400x your stake at the 3x multiplier.

Meltdown Slot Machine Tips

So long as your bankroll allows, it's always worth playing the maximum multiplier to increase your chances of winning higher amounts.

But the big bucks can come when you trigger the Meltdown slot machine bonus re-spin round. This can happen randomly after any winning line. When it does, you get up to five free spins, each one guaranteed to be a winning line. How much is the luck of the draw, of course.

There is a jackpot to be won here, but getting it is as unlikely as falling into a nuclear reactor fuel rod and surviving. To get it, you must land three Meltdown wilds on the payline on each one of the five bonus respins. Manage this, and you win 12,000 coins.

Perhaps the best tip is to sit back, relax, and enjoy this slot for what it is: classic simplicity. You won't be distracted by outrageous video graphics and booming cinematic sound. Instead, hit the auto spin function and see if you can heat up your bankroll using nuclear energy.


  • Classic three-reel, one payline format
  • Nuclear power plant graphics
  • Meltdown logo acts as the wild symbol
  • Random bonus round of five winning re-spins
  • 96% RTP

Play Meltdown Slot Machine Online Today

If you fancy a bit of radioactive fun, then Meltdown is the classic slot game for you. It's available online at TwinSpires casino, and you don't even have to wear a full protective chemical suit to play it.

Sign up for your account now, and see if you can make a profit on this classic Vegas-style slot game. And don't forget to claim your generous welcome bonus. Good luck!