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Monopoly slot machine odds, strategy, and bonus to play online

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Simon Young

May 12th, 2021

It’s perhaps the longest-running and most popular board game in history, so it’s no surprise that Monopoly has become a hot casino property. There are many Monopoly slot games in circulation, but TwinSpires Casino has two of the best that are entirely different yet equally engaging.

Read on to find out about Monopoly Big Spin and Monopoly Utility Trails – two brilliant games on which you can win in a fraction of the time it takes to complete a traditional game of Monopoly. Can you become a real-life tycoon?

Monopoly Big Spin

Monopoly Big Spin from SG Digital is an exciting fusion between roulette and a slot machine. You have a big spinning wheel with familiar Monopoly icons as the segments. There are colored segments representing groups of properties, the Railroad, Utilities, Chance, Community Chest, Free Parking, and Go.

The size of each of these segments on the wheel is slightly different, giving you different odds of them landing beneath the arrow.

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At the start of the game, you place bets on where you think the wheel will finish, much like you do in roulette. You can change the amount you bet on the different choices. When you’re ready, spin the wheel and hold your breath to see where it stops. The payouts vary according to the size of the segment on the wheel, from 40/1 for hitting Go to 5/1 for the brown property group (the lowest paying, just as in real Monopoly.)

If the wheel stops on a segment on which you placed a bet, you win your wager multiplied by the given odds. So, for example, betting $1 on the Railroad wins you $12 if it comes in. Community Chest and Chance both award you a free spin on the bonus wheel. Free Parking pays 30/1 plus awards two free spins, while Go pays 40/1 plus awards a free spin. Free spins guarantee a win as if you had placed on the segment that lands.

Get on the bonus wheel, and you are guaranteed a winning segment, plus a multiplier from 5x to 200x. The slot is also part of the substantial Mega Drop Jackpot progressive jackpot network, which can trigger randomly at any time.

The overall RTP for this Monopoly slot machine is 95.7%, which is fairly reasonable for this type of game.

Monopoly Utilities

The second of the TwinSpires Casino Monopoly slots is Monopoly Utilities from SG Digital. Where the Big Spin focuses on segments of the traditional board, Utilities is full of familiar playing pieces like the little dog, bowler hat, ship, and racing car.

The game is a large eight-reel, seven-row slot, featuring the higher paying Monopoly game playing-token symbols mixed in with lower-paying jewels of different colors. If you connect at least five of the same symbol in any straight direction (connected up and across but not diagonally), you win. The winning symbols then disappear, and the tumbling reel effect sees more symbols arriving from above, meaning you might win more than once on a single spin. There are also Wilds that replace all others.

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There’s much more to this Monopoly casino slot game, however. Down the sides of the slot are two gauges – a water and an electricity gauge, representing the two utility companies in the Monopoly board game. When a water or electric symbol lands on the reels, it nudges the relevant gauge up one level. These never reduce until you hopefully reach the top. If you do, you spark one of two lucrative bonus rounds.

The Electricity Company feature gives you three special spins, where the grid fills with Prosperity Cards – this could win you a house or hotel (not really, but a big cash prize all the same).

In the Waterworks bonus feature, free spins lock winning clusters in place. Soon they fill the screen, and the taps above each reel open up, transforming your symbols to the next highest paying symbol. This can be repeated several times to give you a big payout.

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The final bonus feature comes if you land four railway station wilds in each corner of the grid. Doing so triggers the Wild Rail feature, bringing train car wilds that can generate significant wins.

This game has an RTP of 96.61%, which should give you plenty of bang for your buck.

Monopoly Slots Bonus

Because both of these Monopoly slot games are available to enjoy at TwinSpires Casino, you can claim a special sign-up bonus just for registering your account and making your first real-money deposit. The generous welcome package will help your bankroll go much further, so you can spend more time playing the games you love.

Sign-up for TwinSpires Casino today and begin your new experience of Monopoly casino slots. Good luck!