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No bust blackjack strategy explained: Rules, odds, and payouts

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Simon Young

November 24th, 2020

As blackjack strategies go, the no bust blackjack system is one of the strangest, but it is easy to understand.

Anytime you risk going bust by taking another card, you stand in the hope that the dealer goes bust instead. Even with a starting hand of 12, when the dealer looks strong with a ten as an upcard, you stand.

While this strategy might appeal to those of a nervous disposition, it’s not terribly exciting. Playing casino games like the ones at BetAmerica Casino is supposed to be a form of entertainment, so it’s hard to see the point.

Some players employ a no bust strategy on totals of 15 and above, but that makes little mathematical sense. The dealer will bust in 33.15% of cases, giving you a 66.85% chance of losing by chickening out. But by taking another card at 15, you have a 58.58% chance of busting and losing – a near 10% improvement! And you get the thrill of the turn of a card.

What should you do instead?

There’s nothing wrong with trying the no bust blackjack strategy for a short while, just to see what it’s like. But you will likely soon become frustrated. If you want to try a better betting strategy, look up something like the Martingale system – it’s risky but way more fun.

My best advice is to follow a simple blackjack strategy, the type that brings that blackjack house edge right down. Playing this way in a real casino means your money will last longer, and you can enjoy more free cocktails.

Download a simple blackjack chart to see what you should do in any situation. You will soon pick up the basics and will learn that the trick is to act depending on the dealer’s upcard.

If it is poor – a 4, 5, 6 – then double down on your decent starting hands and get more money on the table, or stand on a dodgy hand like 12 – 16 because, in this instance, the dealer is likely to bust.

If the dealer has a strong starting hand – say 9 or 10 – then you must take a risk to get a bigger total yourself.

Learning when to double down and when to split will mean you have more money on the table when it is more likely you will go on to win the hand. Over time, this will improve your win rate.

Do you use a hard-and-fast strategy when playing blackjack?

Try no bust blackjack for free

If you really want to try out no bust blackjack, my advice would be to use play money. That way, you can save your cash for when you realize that learning a proper strategy might be a better idea.

Happily, when you sign up to BetAmerica Casino, you can play blackjack for free, using play money chips. Play for a while and see how the no bust blackjack strategy works for you. When you're ready to play for real money, make your first deposit, collect your welcome bonus, and play blackjack using a solid strategy. You might win the occasional session, and you will have a whole lot more fun in the process.