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Progressive slot machine tips: How to win a progressive jackpot

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Simon Young

September 15th, 2020

First, the good news: I can give you some tips on how to play progressive slots that may improve your win rate. Now the bad news: I cannot tell you how to win a progressive jackpot.

If I knew how to win, I wouldn't be sitting here writing this. I’d be in my beachside mansion, counting my millions. And if I knew how to win, you can bet many others, likely including you, would as well. Perhaps we’d be neighbors?

With that reality check in mind, let’s examine some ways to get a little more from your progressive slot gaming.

What is a progressive slot machine?

Progressive slot machines take a tiny amount of every bet you make and add it to a jackpot prize. That magical total keeps on rising until a lucky punter comes along and hits the jackpot, scooping the lot.

While you can have a standalone progressive slot, it’s more common in a casino or an online casino like BetAmerica Casino to have a group of slots, all the same title, to share the same jackpot. With these slots grouped together, more people get to play on them, so the progressive jackpots rise faster and higher.

In 2003, in the Excalibur casino in Las Vegas, an L.A. software engineer bet $100 on Megabucks and scooped $39.7 million. He can now afford a beachside mansion.

More recently, a BetAmerica Casino player from Pennsylvania won more than $58,000 while playing a single $5 bet on the Divine Fortune Mega Jackpot.

Tips for playing progressive slots

It’s generally sound advice to bet max if you want to win the top jackpot. By being on the miserly side, you’re not going to hit the big time.

If we’re to believe that slots are random and that the jackpot could hit at any time, then it doesn’t matter when we play them. However, we are all a fickle bunch, and we like to think that if the jackpot is larger, it must be about to hit soon, right? And if someone hit it recently, and the total is low, it’s not going to hit again for a while.

That logic is flawed, of course. However, there is some sense in avoiding the progressive slots where the jackpot is currently low. The thing is, the chances of you hitting the jackpot are so remote that if you’re going to spend money trying to hit it, you may as well do so when the prize is life-changing.

Another tip is game selection. Some progressive slot machines seem to have a better jackpot record than offers. Truth be told, that’s because more people play them! But if I were to single out a slot to play, it would be Mega Moolah, which has produced many a millionaire.

Finally, if you can find one, go for a standalone progressive slot game, where the jackpot is lower and won more often. OK, it won’t change your life, but it will buy you a nice dinner.

Drawbacks of progressive slots

Those nice casino operators want you to win once in a while, but they don’t necessarily want punters walking out of the door with progressive jackpots stuffed in their pockets every day. That would get a little costly.

Further, someone has to pay for those jackpots when they do hit, and that someone is you. Well, all of us really. With each spin of the reels, a portion of our bets go to the jackpot. And because the mega prize is the lure, progressive slots online and in live casinos often have an inferior payout rate compared with regular slot games.

It’s a negative, of course, that soon turns to a positive if you hit. And most players are willing to take that risk.

Try progressive slots for yourself

If you would like to try out progressive slots, there are free progressive slots to try at BetAmerica Casino. While free to play is all well and good, you can’t actually win anything. So once you have had a little play, make a real money deposit, claim your welcome bonus, and take a shot at the progressive jackpots.

Who knows, perhaps you’ll be sipping martinis in your beachside mansion before me?

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