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Secrets of Atlantis slot machine review, strategy, and bonus to play online

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Simon Young

October 21st, 2021

Who remembers Patrick Duffy? That’s right – Bobby Ewing in Dallas, who had an improbable watery storyline when he appeared under a shower a whole year after apparently being killed off. The same actor had an even more unlikely underwater role years earlier when he starred in The Man from Atlantis.

Wearing unfeasibly tight yellow swimming shorts, the Man from Atlantis lived in the sea but also survived on land when some trouble or other required his attention. It was suggested that the character was the last survivor of the Lost City of Atlantis, but quite frankly, we believed anything in those days.

The show, and the legend of Atlantis, buried somewhere beneath the Atlantic Ocean, fires our imaginations about strange worlds. And when that happens, you can be sure that slot developers will be taking note.

Sure enough, NetEnt bubbled to the surface with Secrets of Atlantis, an atmospheric slot that whisks you away to a dreamy existence deep below the waves. And you can play it at TwinSpires Casino right now.

How to Play the Secrets of Atlantis Slot Machine

Fire up this five-reel slot, and the first thing you notice is the cool backdrop of a sunken city with ornamental stone buildings and soothing, almost movie-style music. First things first, there are 40 paylines, but you can win both ways, from left to right and right to left.

Straight away, you might think your chances of winning are bigger, and you’d be right.

In the base game, you must match up three or more of the same symbols in the usual fashion. The poorer aquatic payers are the sea creatures, like the jellyfish, turtle, and crab, all of whom live in a bubble. The next most valuable are three different color jewels, with a pearl being the most prosperous of all.

Naturally, there is a wild symbol, and perhaps not unsurprisingly, it’s a mermaid. She can fill a whole reel, but even if she doesn’t, she will nudge down.

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A cool extra bonus of the game is that one or more of reels two, three, and four highlight on every spin. When all three light up, you spark the Colossal Symbol re-spin. Say what? Yep, the entire middle block of reels two, three, and four turns into one giant symbol for a re-spin. Clearly, if you match this Colossal on one, or better still both, of the outer reels, you’ll be in for a cool payout.

The Mermaid can also act as a wild during this highlight feature – plus, if the three center reels highlight during the re-spin, you get another shot.

There are no further bonus features, but honestly, you have enough going on here to keep you swimming back for more.

Secrets of Atlantis RTP

Even better news is the return to player percentage (RTP) for the Secrets of Atlantis slot machine. Standing at 97.1%, it’s one of the most generous around. That’s excellent news for recreational players, who like to keep getting regular, if not spectacular, wins. However, more serious slot gamers might prefer the occasional larger wins that you typically find on jackpot slots.

With that being said, Secrets of Atlantis slots will appeal to everyone, and the look and feel of the game works just as nicely on your mobile device as it does on a laptop or desktop.

Play Secrets of Atlantis Slots at TwinSpires Casino

If you would like to take the plunge and play Secrets of Atlantis slots, you’re going to need an account at TwinSpires Casino. Register today, make your first deposit, and claim your welcome bonus, then head to the slot section to begin.

If Bobby Ewing can come back to life in Dallas, why shouldn’t you come back a big winner on the slots? Good luck!