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Slot Machine Pay Tables: Guide, examples, and how to read them

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Simon Young

December 1st, 2021

There was once a time when slot machines were simple, and you had room to put the instructions above the reels. Now, though, things are so hi-tech that it takes screens full of information to explain what’s going on.

All the necessary explainers are collectively called the pay table. It’s a handy guide that not only tells you how much you can win, but also delivers instructions for special features, paylines, betting requirements, and any jackpots.

Where to Find the Slot Machine Pay Table

When you look at a slot at TwinSpires Casino, usually along the bottom, close to the spin button and bet-size buttons, you will usually find the icon to bring up the slot machine pay table. This might be a question mark icon or the hamburger button (the universal three horizontal lines).

Before or between spins, you can click on this button, and the game will pause, opening up the pay table sequence.

Slot Machine Pay Table Example

What you can expect to see in a pay table will vary from one slot to another. It’s largely determined by how complicated a slot machine is. The more features there are, the more explaining there needs to be. Here are the key elements to look out for:


You need to know how many paylines there are and what shape they form on the reels. Your pay table will include a diagram showing how each of the paylines works on the reels.

Article Image

Secrets of Atlantis pay table winning bet lines.

If the slot does not have paylines, but rather ways to win, where you need only have the same symbols anywhere on successive reels, there should be an illustration of how this works. In the case of Megaways slots, this feature, which may include up to 117,649 ways to win, will be explained.

Symbols and values

Central to every slot is its symbols. In the old days, these were traditionally fruit symbols, the Liberty Bell, bars, or lucky 7s. They are still available on classic-style slot games, but modern slot machines have endless kinds of symbols.

Many follow a theme, like figures from Ancient Egypt or Ancient Greece, and many have card numbers from nine thru ace. The pay table will show an example of each symbol, then tell you how much you will win from landing three, four, or even five of them.

Article Image

Secrets of Atlantis pay table symbol payout values.

The pay table will also highlight any special symbols. These might be the Wild symbol, together with an explainer of how it works. Look out, too, for information about the Scatter or Bonus symbols. Usually, three or more of these will trigger the slot machine’s bonus feature.

Bet sizing

The amount you can bet – minimum and maximum – will be displayed. And if you need to bet a certain amount to access more paylines or features, then this will be made clear.

Features and bonus rounds

As technology improves, so the feature rounds of slot machines become more innovative and immersive. Usually, they might include some sort of free spins round. Perhaps a mystery pick game. Just to add another dimension, there may be a random win multiplier sequence.

Article Image

Secrets of Atlantis pay table wild feature.


If the slot offers a jackpot feature or a progressive jackpot, details of how to win the big prize will be revealed in the slot machine pay table.


Not all slots make it obvious, but most will include the expected Return to Player (RTP) percentage within its pay table. Seeing the percentage helps you decide if this is more of a recreational player machine or one better suited to those who like more of a gamble, waiting longer for the chance of bigger prizes.

Your slot machine pay table will go to decent lengths to explain all of these features – developers like NetEnt and IGT are good at passing along all the information that you may need.

Discover Slot Machine Pay Tables at TwinSpires Casino

Just as every slot machine is different, so its pay table will differ, too. The style will also vary from one slot developer to another. The best way to find out more about them, and to learn how to read a slot machine pay table, is to open up various slots and have a look around.

If you sign up to TwinSpires Casino and make your first deposit (make sure to claim the welcome bonus), you can take a look at the vast selection of slot games and investigate the pay tables. Soon you will become confident in learning how each slot works and begin playing, knowing you understand what is going on. Good luck!