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Slot Tournaments: How they work and how to win

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Simon Young

May 15th, 2020

A slot tournament, you say? How does that work? After all, when you play a slot, isn't it just you against the machine? You’re right, of course. Slot games are great fun, but they are generally a solitary way to pass the time in an online or bricks and mortar casino.

But there are such things as slot tournaments, and they offer real, or should we say reel excitement. Take your normal level of anticipation as you spin and hope for a significant win, and turn it up several notches. You’re now playing against other people just like you. 

What is a slot tournament?

The beauty of slot tournaments is they are so easy to play. The casino announces the slot machine (or machines) the competition will be on, and each player gets a set number of credits and a time limit to play. The one who emerges with the highest score wins.

Picture yourself in front of your favorite online casino like TwinSpires Casino. You know you have a set time, perhaps 15 minutes to score the most. And you know other players are doing exactly the same thing, at the same time. There’s a big prize on offer for the winner. You’re going to be pumped!

Spin the reels repeatedly, as fast as you can, and hope for the best!

What can you win in a slot tournament?

Well, that depends on several things. The entry cost (if any, some are free), and how many people have entered will dictate. If a hundred people pay $10 to take part, the prize pool is $1,000. Check the tournament rules, because it might be the winner takes the whole $1,000, or it could be broken down into several paying spots. But heck, a win is a win, plus you get the recognition and bragging rights!

Secrets to winning slots tournaments

Let’s be perfectly honest here - most slot gaming is down to pure luck. When the jackpot hits is random. However, there are several things you can do to improve your chances of winning a slot tournament. Here are your slot machine tournament tips.

  1. Spin fast and furious. Not furious as in angry, that wouldn’t be much fun. But furious as in with high intent. With a time limit in place, you must win as much as you can, so get as many spins in as possible to increase your winnings. Using the auto-spin feature might be your fastest method.
  2. Hit Max Bet. Most slots allow you to vary the bet size. If the slot tournament is playing on a slot like this, make sure you go for the maximum stake. It’s a fact that the higher your stake, the larger your potential return. And this is all about winning as much as you can.
  3. Bet on the maximum number of paylines. Again, most slots nowadays have many paylines, the combination of positions on the reels that will payout. As you need to maximize your chances, bring as many paylines into play as possible and hope the symbols fall in your favor.
  4. Yes, it’s surprising how easy it is to get distracted, even in a high-intensity slot tournament where big money might be on the line. Your favorite show can wait. Don’t answer that ringing phone (they’ll leave a message). Even a few moments away from the flashing buttons might be the difference between victory and an also-ran.

How to practice for a slot tournament

Happily, online casinos like TwinSpires let you play on slot machines for free – you can jump on the platform, hover over a slot you wish to try, and click 'Try for Free.' If you know a slot tournament is upcoming, and on which slot, then go and practice on that game for free.

Check out which symbols are worth more than others. How do the wild symbols work, or the scatters? Then keep playing for free until you trigger the bonus game, presuming there is one, so you can understand the mechanics of that, too.

After all of this, you’ll be in great shape to tackle the slot tournament. Buckle up, play fast, and win big!

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