Smash the Pig slot machine review, payouts, and bonus to play online

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May 4th, 2021

Every now and again, a slot game comes along that defies all logic. Smash the Pig is one of them. I mean, who in their right mind would go around with a large hammer, smashing a cute-looking little pink porker?

Yet, like all other slot games, this is simply a form of entertainment; escapism from the real world. If we get to win some money while we go around tenderizing bacon, then even better.

You might think there has to be some weird backstory to this slot from IGT, perhaps a reason why we have to bash these little pigs. But no – it’s just a random thing to do, safe in the knowledge that no real pigs are harmed while you spin away.

How to Play the Smash the Pig Slot Machine

The game is a simple five-reel three-row mechanic with 20 fixed paylines. You can win by matching the symbols from left to right as usual, plus from right to left.

Symbols begin with the low-paying card symbols including the jack, queen, king, and ace, and then move to the hammer, bronze coin, stack of cash, and the Smash the Pig logo. It’s all presented in a fun, cartoon-style theme, with a cheeky rap music intro, which reinforces the fact this is a fun thing to do, and nothing sinister.

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While the right to left win mechanic adds more ways to win a prize, you should note the wins are more regular but smaller. That’s because the bigger prizes come with the bonus round.

Smash the Pig Bonus

There are two bonus options. Firstly, if you land three or more single pigs with the dollar sign, you win the Pick a Pig bonus. Here you will be asked to pick one porker to determine your prize. It could be:

  • A 1-20 multiple of your bet
  • A 1-15 multiple of your bet plus another pig to pick
  • Triggering the Pig Smashing bonus
  • All of the above

The second bonus is the Pig Smashing bonus. You trigger this either via the Pick a Pig bonus or by landing three or more of the scatter bonus symbols in the main game. Now you get to smash as many pigs as you can before the luck meter at the top of the slot runs out. The meter starts longer depending on how many bonus symbols you started with. Each smashed pig reveals a new prize, like a bet multiplier. If you smash five pigs before the luck meter runs out, the remaining three run away, and eight return, giving you more chances to win.

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It’s all quite random and bizarre, but then again, that’s all part of the fun. You can’t begin to take this game seriously, and that’s the charm. With that being said, the slot does lack a certain amount of depth, so while it’s great for some light entertainment, it may not be on your regular "go-to" list.

Smash the Pig Paytable

You can see the full paytable in the game information section (click Paytable at the top of the slot). The max win is 10,000 x your bet by landing five Smash the Pig logos.

However, the return to player for this slot is relatively low, coming in at 94.2%. That means you may not be able to replenish your – ahem – piggybank after playing the game for too long. As a means of fun, though, it’s right up there.

Try the Smash the Pig Slot Game

We presume you’ve never wondered what it’s like to smash a pig, but now is your chance to have a go, in a light-hearted slot format at least. Sign up for an account at TwinSpires Casino, collect your welcome bonus, and take on the pigs to increase your bankroll. Good luck!