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The 10 biggest slot machine wins in history

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Simon Young

February 11th, 2021

Slots will always be the most popular games in a casino. We enjoy them for their simplicity and entertainment value, and who doesn't like it when the reels fall in place, and we get a good win? But for some lucky players, those wins are huge, life-changing figures. And all from the spin of a slot machine.

If you think it's unlikely anyone will win hundreds of thousands on a slot, think again. People win millions. Sometimes many tens of millions. Here, we give you the top 10 slot machine jackpots of all time. Maybe you'll be next big winner while playing one of TwinSpires Casino's cool slots.

1. $11.6 million on a cell phone

This lucky winner, known only as D.P., was playing on the Zodiac Casino on her Android smartphone when she hit a massive $11.6 million jackpot on the Mega Moolah slot game. It remains the largest ever slot win on a mobile device.

2. $11.8 million at Fremont in Las Vegas

Fremont in Downtown Las Vegas has awarded many jackpots to gamblers down the years. But this player, known only as Rodolfo T, won $11.8 million on Megabucks in August 2017. Rodolfo had made a max $3 bet on the slot, one of the 700 Nevada Megabucks slots networked together to build jackpots quickly.

3. $12.8 million, Aria Resort, Las Vegas

This lucky player was in Vegas to celebrate her niece's birthday. But it was she who got the biggest present possible, a massive jackpot win on the Megabucks series slot machine in the Aria Resort. She had been out partying when she decided to spend $6 (yes, you read that right, just $6) on a random slot machine. And promptly won $12.8 million.

4. $18.2 million on Mega Moolah

Microgaming's Mega Moolah progressive jackpot slot is wildly popular, with the jackpot regularly running into millions. But this one time, the jackpot kept growing and growing some more. Then along came a British soldier named Jon Heywood, who bet just a quarter to land the huge prize. It certainly was life-changing in more than one way because Jon used some of his winnings on medical treatment for his father.

5. $20 million in Roman coins

In 1999, a mystery player won a cool $20 million after betting just $10 on Megabucks in Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas.

6. $21 million for World War II veteran

They say lightning doesn't strike twice. But that's not strictly true. WWII veteran Elmer Sherwin won $4.6 million playing on Megabucks when he was a 'young' 80 years old. Incredibly, 12 years later, he went back to the same casino and played Megabucks again, this time bagging the huge $21,147,947 jackpot. Thankfully, Elmer not only had a strong heart to cope with the shock, but also a big heart, because he gave a large chunk of his jackpot win to victims of Hurricane Katrina.

7. $24 million heads to Finland

An anonymous 40-year-old Swedish poker player bagged $24 million playing Mega Fortune – perhaps the most appropriate slot game name in history. Like some of our other big winners, he only wagered a small amount, 25 cents in this case, at an online casino to win the multi-million-dollar fortune.

8. $27.5 million sky-high win

A player at the Palace Station resort in Las Vegas scooped a huge win on Megabucks. All we know is that this was back in 1998, and the gambler was a retired flight attendant. Have her feet touched the ground since we wonder?

9. $34.9 million – cocktails!

Cocktail waitress Cynthia Jay Brennan popped into the Desert Inn casino in Las Vegas after a work shift back in 2000. An hour later, she walked out nearly $35 million richer. Tragically, she was seriously injured in a car wreck just a few weeks later. Now wheelchair-bound, she is generous in her donations to the Free Wheelchair Mission and campaigns against drink driving.

10. $39.7 million magic at Excalibur

Yet again, the Megabucks slot came up trumps for a player in Las Vegas. This time a young software engineer was trying his luck at the city's Excalibur Casino back in 2003 when the extraordinary jackpot hit. He reckoned he had gambled $100 before hitting his dream win, the largest ever slots jackpot. The prize was so large that he agreed to the money being paid out in 25 annual installments – so he still has a couple of years to go.

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