The Contra D’Alembert betting system explained

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October 6th, 2020

It might sound like a guerrilla resistance movement against a French cheese. Still, the Contra D’Alembert system is actually a betting strategy designed to bring you success on the roulette table.

What is cool about this system, a reverse of the popular D’Alembert strategy, is that you can not mount up losses quickly – always a good thing at the casino tables. It is, as they say, a strategy for the more cautious casino player.

Like so many roulette betting strategies of its kind, the system relies on you taking even chance bets throughout, so 50/50 wagers at BetAmerica Casino like red or black, or odd or even numbers. It would help if you recognized that straight away, the casino has an edge because the green zero segments will forfeit your bet. That’s unless you are playing a curious French Roulette version, which would be appropriate since Monsieur D’Alembert, a French mathematician who invented the original system.

What is the Contra D’Alembert system?

Unlike the popular Martingale system, which requires you to double your stake after each losing bet, the D’Alembert only demands you raise your stake by one unit. Hence you cannot lose so quickly.

It is what is known as a positive progression strategy, whereby you increase your stake after a win and decrease it following a loss. It’s simple to understand. Begin with a base bet of, to keep it simple in our example, $1.

If you win, raise your next stake by $1 to $2

Win again, and raise it by $1 to $3.

But, any time you lose a bet, you must decrease your bet by $1.

That’s all there is to it. But to be successful, you should have a stop loss and a winning target in mind to bring your session to a close. Let’s say in our example that our target was a $20 profit. When we hit that target, we should stop, bank our profit, and head for the hills. If we pledged to quit if $30 down, do so, don’t chase losses, and get downhearted.

Advantages of Contra bet roulette

As we have suggested, the main two advantages of the Contra D’Alembert system are that it is simple to use and will mean any losses (or wins for that matter) happen over a more extended period.

In other words, you get more casino entertainment for your money!

Compare this to the Martingale system, where you double your bet after each loss, and you can see losses can soon mount up if you hit a losing streak. They do happen.

Disadvantages of Contra bet roulette strategy

Firstly, like all roulette betting systems, it cannot guarantee you will make a profit. It might help in the short term, and should undoubtedly slow down losses, but if it guaranteed a profit, I would be a multi-millionaire swimming in a pool of champagne right now rather than writing this.

The Contra D’Alembert also has a curiosity in that you might win more bets than you lose in a sequence, but still end up with a loss. Take this simple example of a sequence of seven spins of the roulette wheel:

  1. Bet $1, win, increase stake to $2
  2. Bet $2 win, increase stake to $3
  3. Bet $3, lose, decrease stake to $2
  4. Bet $2 win, increase stake to $3
  5. Bet $3, lose, decrease stake to $2
  6. Bet $2, win, increase stake to $3
  7. Bet $3, lose.

Here, you have won four hands and lost only three. But note if you count up your total winnings of $7, it is worse than your total losses of $9. In other words, you are $2 down.

Of course, in this example, you would likely play on. But you can see how long things might take to work in your favor.

It’s fun to try betting systems

While they cannot guarantee success, it is fun to try out these betting systems as it brings some variety to your gaming. The Contra D’Alembert roulette system can work on any 50/50 gaming, so you might give it a go on baccarat or even blackjack, presuming you never play side bets, double down or split.

You can give the contra bet roulette method a try for yourself at BetAmerica Casino. If you so wish, you can play the table roulette games for free, so you can see if the strategy works for you. But it’s more fun playing for real money, so make your first deposit and see if you can spin up a profit.

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