The funniest and oddest slot machine names from around the world

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August 7th, 2020

With thousands of slot games all vying for your attention, it’s no surprise the manufacturers will go the extra mile to stand out from the crowd. While many will introduce extraordinarily rich gameplay with the latest video graphics and cinematic sound, others will go with a more direct approach – brilliant slot machine names.

When we say brilliant, what we really mean is weird/wacky/funny/did they really call it that?/so bad it’s cool names.

To save you the trouble of finding some for yourself, here are ten of the best slot machines names we have come across, some of which you can try for yourself at BetAmerica Casino.


Yes, they really did name a slot game after sexy older women called cougars. Not just any attractive cougar, but a cougar-Licious one. We had to be careful while searching for this on Google. It’s a five-reel slot with symbols including lipstick, room keys, beautiful women, and younger men.

Wonky Wabbits

This NetEnt production is a cartoon style video slot with symbols that are tasty foodstuffs for the wabbit, which bursts out of the screen to devour the symbol. The wabbit looks like it has met with an unfortunate accident of some kind, but it’s all good clean fun.

Lucky Larry’s Lobster Mania 2

We all adore alluring alliteration, especially when used to make cool casino machine names. Hence, Lucky Larry’s Lobster Mania 2 is a particular favorite. The slot is cool enough, with symbols relating to lobsters and sea-fishing. But you can’t help thinking Larry would not be so lucky to be caught and served up on your dinner plate.

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Hairway to Heaven

When it comes to cheesy puns in a slot name, this one must take a bow. Disappointingly, it’s got nothing to do with Led Zeppelin’s classic "Stairway to Heaven" smash hit. Instead, it’s a weird take on the Rapunzel fairytale, where she lets her long hair tumble down the outside of a tower so the dashing prince can climb up and rescue her.

Wok n Roll

Another one to add to the "Did they really call it that?" list. Wok n Roll features a busy Chinese kitchen, where you can match up the delicious symbols for prizes across 25 paylines. While we can see what they did with the name, it would have made more sense for the gameplay music to be classic rock n roll. Instead, it’s a weird reggae vibe.


Not on the list because the name is funny, but because it reminds us of something amusing: the Anchorman movie starring Will Ferrell. His character, Ron Burgundy, stars in this themed slot, which you can try for yourself at BetAmerica Casino.

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Invaders from the Planet Moolah

We love a slot that references cash. It’s what we all want from a game. But while we have Mega Moolah, the hugely popular jackpot slot, you can also try the far-fetched Invaders from the Planet Moolah on BetAmerica Casino. It has cows commandeering laser-equipped spaceships. Of course.

Karate Pig

This Far East themed slot takes a familiar martial arts theme and decides it is best to feature a karate pig. Karate Pig is good fun, once you get your head around the fact this martial arts maneuver is a highly unusual pork chop.

Jack Hammer

You know the drill by now. If a slot has a pun-tastic name, it’s likely to be on this slot machine names list. Jack Hammer is a comic book caper with our hero being a private eye looking to destroy the evil Dr. Wuten. But while Jack is busy doing his thing, all we can think of is a huge drill used to break through concrete.

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Leprechaun Goes to Hell

Everyone loves leprechauns, right? The cute little green Irish figures with red hair are supposed to bring us all luck. So quite why Play’n Go thought it was a good idea to mix this cheeky chap with a visit to Satan is anyone’s guess. But I suppose the name catches your attention as you’re searching for a new slot to try.

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