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Top 5 casino card games you need to try

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Simon Young

April 24th, 2020

They say variety is the spice of life, and that’s certainly true of any visit to the casino. Whether it’s a live gaming establishment or BetAmerica, your favorite online casino, there is so much choice that you’ll feel like a kid in a candy store.

With hundreds of enticing slots, there is also a tempting variety of casino table games to enjoy. And the good news is they are all simple to understand, so even beginners can feel like a high-rolling king or queen of the tables.

Aside from roulette, craps and slots, most casino games revolve around cards. Here, then, are the top five casino card games you should try this year.


A family favorite going back generations, blackjack – or 21 – sees you trying to collect cards with a value of as close to 21 as you dare without going bust. The dealer then plays and will either beat your score or go bust.

With opportunities to double down if your first two cards are kind, and fun side-bet action, this is a great game to play. And although simple, some basic strategies will significantly improve your chances of cashing a profit.


Baccarat is quite possibly a game that you’ve heard of but never played. A lot of that is down to the myth that it’s sophisticated, reserved for high-rollers, and a little old-fashioned. None of which is true. It’s a fast-paced game where you can sit back and have a lot of fun because the dealer does all the hard work.

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All you must do is select to back the Player, the Dealer, or a Tie. And that’s it. The dealer then rolls out the action, and if your selected hand wins, you scoop up the chips.

Visit our baccarat page – complete with soothing lounge music – to find out more about the rules. It looks a little tricky at first, but you’ll soon get used to it. A James Bond-style vodka Martini is just the trick while the dealer does all the hard work.

Video Poker

Although not played with real cards, video poker is most certainly a casino card game to try this year. You receive five cards and select which ones to keep before drawing. The aim is to make your best possible five-card poker hand. The most popular video poker game, Jacks or Better, pays out if you end up with a – drum roll – pair of jacks or better.

Our video poker games are brought to you by Game King for that authentic, classic video poker feel.

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Casino Hold’em Poker

While you may enjoy playing Texas Hold’em Poker with your buddies, few casinos have dedicated poker rooms. But fans will love this slimmed-down version that you play against the house.

Place your ante, receive two cards, see the three community cards, and decide whether to pay to call and see the final two cards or fold. The aim of Casino Hold’em is simply to finish with a higher hand than the dealer.

Three Card Poker

An even simpler version of poker! Get three cards, make the best three-card poker hand and elect to play on (doubling your ante) or fold before seeing what the dealer’s cards are. You must beat the dealer to win, although the dealer must have at least a queen high to qualify.

Side bets don’t just make for an entertaining distraction; you can win big if you land a good hand.

Ready to try some casino card games?

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