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Triple Diamond slots: Review, payouts, strategies

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Simon Young

August 18th, 2020

Do you have a preference for those who go about their business with little fuss and no “look at me” behavior? The Triple Diamond slot machine is for you.

In a casino world full of bright lights, booming cinematic soundtracks, and feature-rich, video graphic gameplay, the Triple Diamond just sits there, quietly doing its thing.

It has been this way for decades, and the punters love it for its stripped-down simplicity. In the style of a classic Vegas slot, the Triple Diamond has been the primary breadwinner for its creator, IGT for years.

How to play the Triple Diamond slot machine

As you have likely worked out by now, the Triple Diamond slot machine is calm and basic, compared with its screaming casino neighbors. And that is just what makes it so appealing. It is simple to play and keeps on going without so much as a grunt or headache-inducing flashing light.

There are only three reels to worry about, which creates just nine paylines — none of the complicated thousands of ways to win combinations from modern video slots.

Endearingly, the symbols are retro, just as they would have been had you walked into your local casino 40 years ago. You will play with different colored bars, red sevens, and the Triple Diamond symbols only. Nice and simple.

However, there is some added excitement from those Triple Diamond symbols, which act as wild multipliers. That means they can complete a winning line and multiply the winnings by up to ten times, if two Triple Diamond symbols are on screen.

For a slot that prides itself on keeping a low profile, things get rather exciting if you manage to land three Triple Diamond symbols. If that happens, your win line is multiplied 1,199 times. Sweet.

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Triple Diamond slot machine app

Most of today’s slots play nicely on a casino app or mobile browser. Triple Diamond works really well on your cell, because it is basic. There is not too much to distract you if you settle back and enjoy a few spins.

You won’t be hit with constant notifications, feature rounds, or bonus games that you don’t even understand.

If we were to be critical, the sound effects, although faithful to the original, are a little wearisome after a while. But you can always turn the sound down.

Triple Diamond slot machine payout

The return to player (RTP) for the game is 96.09%, which is not the most generous of its kind. However, the slot is low volatility, which means you will get more regular wins, just not particularly big ones.

If you’re the type of slot player who enjoys spinning and winning regularly, this is another good reason to play the Triple Diamond slot machine. But if you want to chase big riches, and you don’t care much for small wins, perhaps go for a jackpot slot instead, like Mega Moolah.

Triple Diamond is the big brother to Double Diamond, another hugely successful classic Vegas-style slot

Free Triple Diamond slots

One of the many benefits of enjoying an online casino like BetAmerica is that you can try out all the slots for free before spending real money.

Usually, that’s a good idea, when the modern slots can baffle you with wacky features and bonus rounds, but there is nothing complicated about Triple Diamond. Still, you can try it for free and, after a couple spins, play for real money and see if you can get lucky.

If you’re a new player, be sure to make use of your first deposit bonus.

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