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What is triple zero roulette, and is it worth trying?

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Simon Young

February 23rd, 2021

The house edge in roulette – the amount the casino is expected to win by – comes from the green zero segment that you find commonly in European Roulette. We’ll explain why that is in a moment. But when you add a second, green double zero segment, as you have in American Roulette, you increase the house edge even further.

And guess what? If you add a third zero green segment, the triple zero, you boost the house odds yet again. And nobody wants that.

Should you, therefore, be tempted to play triple zero roulette if you ever find a table at a live casino? Absolutely not, unless you wish to lose money fast.

How do Zero Segments Affect House Edge?

The payouts you get for roulette are set as though the zero segments do not exist. For example, your payout for hitting red or black are 50/50. But in reality, in a game of European Roulette, where there is one green zero, the odds of hitting are not 50/50 – because while half the 1-36 roulette numbers are red or black, the zero is neither, and if it comes up you lose.

In other words, bet on red or black, and you have an 18/37 chance of winning, not 18 in 36. It’s that tiny shift that gives the house its edge. Similarly, if you bet on a single number, you will be offered 35/1 payout by the casino. But with a green zero, your odds are actually 36/1.

Now, imagine you are playing an American Roulette version of the game, with an additional, double zero green segment.

Your red or black, or odd or even bets payout at the same rate as the European game, but now there is an additional blocking number, the 00, that will forfeit your bet. You are now getting an 18/38 chance of hitting. That single number bet? Now you have only a 37/1 chance of landing it.

While you may not notice these small changes while you enjoy yourself at the roulette table, it will all add up over time. And it won’t be in your favor.

In fact, the house edge in European Roulette is 2.70%. It increases to 5.25% with American Roulette.

Now imagine playing with a triple zero segment. Now, the zero, double zero, and triple zero can negate your bets. The alleged 35/1 chance of landed a single number is now actually 38/1. And that 50/50 even money chance? More like 18/39.

All in all, the triple zero roulette house edge comes in at a whopping 7.69%!

A Game Best Avoided

You will find European, and American Roulette at most live and online casinos like TwinSpires Casino, so it’s fine to play either.

But if you did come across a triple zero version of the game, it’s best to walk on by. In fact, the variant is considered to be so harsh that you will only see it rarely. This version often comes out at charity nights, where nobody begrudges the house winning, but if it has been put to general use on casino floors, it is shunned by all but gullible players.

Why is There a House Edge?

You might think it unfair that there is a house edge at all. But the casino has to make its money somehow. If it didn’t have a statistical edge, it would soon lose money and then go bankrupt. And if that happened, there would never be a casino for us to play in again.

So, consider the house edge a small cost for your playing enjoyment (and the chance to win a handsome profit, of course).

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