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Which college football mascot are you?

Profile Picture: Ashley Anderson

December 11th, 2020

Behind every major college football team is a unique costumed character riling up the crowd to cheer on its school’s beloved squad.

Some college football mascots lead chants from the field, while others engage in high-flying stunts or comical antics to drum up team spirit.

These mascots also embody some rather unique personas, and quite a few of them take after lions, tigers, and bears.

In the ACC, you can find Sebastian the Ibis flaunting his feathers in Miami, or Otto the Orange flailing about at Syracuse.

In the SEC, you'll see quite a few live animal mascots, like Mike the Tiger at LSU and Uga, the adorable bulldog belonging to Georgia. In 2000, an eagle named Tiger began the tradition of performing a free flight before Auburn home football games, and the Arkansas Razorbacks keep a Russian Boar, named Tusk, on the sidelines.

Conference USA features some of the weirdest team personalities, like Norm the Niner of Charlotte, and Paydirt Pete of University Texas at El Paso. Perhaps the strangest of all is the famous furry mascot of Western Kentucky known as Big Red. The rouge-colored Grimace lookalike doesn’t have an actual description, other than the “Spirit of Western,” according to the Hilltoppers’ website.

With more than a hundred mascots parading around college football, you’d be hard-pressed to find at least one that doesn’t capture your heart. There is also one bound to connect with your personality, which we are determined to find out today.

From the adorable to the abnormal, discover which college mascot is most like you by taking our quiz below!