Darts hit a bullseye with fan experience

Profile Picture: Cam Tucker

February 13th, 2020

The atmosphere at a major darts competition, like Premier League Darts, is a spectacle.

There are grown men and women clad in cheeky costumes, lined around table after table inside a large, dark hall. They chant boisterously and almost non-stop, only to break out into frenzied celebration at the best shots. 

That vibe a major reason the sport has grown in popularity around the world. People are flocking to large events and tuning in on television. 

From its grass roots as a pub game, darts has gone global, offers a rare entertainment experience, and is a growing sports betting opportunity.

Darts events draw comparison to rugby sevens

Getting dressed up for sporting events is a common theme the world over.

But while the eye-catching outfits folks wear to darts events may or may not have anything to do with the actual competition, the spirit of such fashion is similar to spectators who take in rugby sevens events.

Darts has become comparable in party atmosphere to rugby sevens, as well, as fans chant raucously for their favorites and revel in the company of everyone who packs the halls and arenas.  

The entrance music, the bright, swirling lights, and fans holding up signs of all kinds as competitors walk onto the stage can also give darts something of a UFC or WWE feel—minus any actual physical contact.

Skill is on display

We can wax on about the atmosphere, but the precision and skill competitors at the highest need to win should not be understated. 

And that can make betting on darts so exciting. 

A nine-dart finish, for example, is when a player needs only nine darts to check down from 501—perhaps the most difficult feat to achieve, even for the professionals. 

There are a variety of combinations to accomplish a nine-dart finish, but one includes a treble 20 with a player’s first six throws, and an outshot that may require a pair of trebles and a double on the final shot of three darts. 

To consistently hit those small targets with a dart from about 7 1/2 feet away, in the presence of thousands of spectators—and countless more watching from home—is a skill only so many have. 

The atmosphere of major events, combined with the precision necessary to compete at the highest level of the sport, makes darts an exciting—and growing—betting market. 

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