"The Match" - Tiger, Phil Provide Lesson on Side Bets

Profile Picture: Adam Spradling

November 23rd, 2018

It may have come ten years too late, but The Match is finally upon us. Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson will descend upon Shadow Creek Golf Course, and don’t act as if you’re not interested in watching. If anything, this is the ultimate lesson in prop betting.

And what better setting than a golf course in Las Vegas?

Phil and Tiger have already set aside a $200,000 prop bet that Phil will birdie the first hole. I’m both terrible at golf and too terrified to ever wager than kind of money, but this is the side show that we’re in for. The Match may not end up being this ultra-competitive battle between two icons in their physical prime, but it can certainly provide some solid entertainment for $20 on pay-per-view.

Prop bets are wagers on events happening within a game. These can be results at the end of a quarter or half, or whether or not a player achieves a specific statistical goal. Tiger will be betting against Phil achieving a birdie on the first hole at Shadow Creek, exactly in the same way that you can bet on Tom Brady throwing a touchdown on Sunday.

Phil and Tiger will also be laying live prop bets during The Match, which is something that's readily available in our sportsbook. Just click on "LIVE BETTING" and that will take you to all the options that are available to wager on. You can place prop bets during the game and wager. The bigger the game, the bigger the market. It's a fun way to sprinkle some added action in to your existing plays, or get in on a game that you missed out on. Remember that prop bets are available pre-match and (in some instances) while a game is unfolding.

For what it's worth, Tiger is a -175 favorite heading in to The Match with Phil posting as a +155 underdog.

Don't get too wrapped up in the narrative of The Match either. It's just a round of golf between two buddies who have had exceptional careers. The Match is also a reminder that sports (and sports betting) can be fun, no matter how much money you put on the line.