Greyhound Handicapping - Palm Beach Kennel Club Monday January 14, 2013 Race 1 Grade M

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Eb Netr

January 14th, 2013

A Word To The Wise for Monday

Regular readers of my articles know that a big part of my handicapping consists of finding good dogs when they're in Grade M, and then following them up the grade ladder. One way that I do this is by watching schooling races. The internet has made this easy to do and I do it daily, usually with my first cup of coffee. If you have the time, I recommend that you try to do the same, with or without coffee.

Recently, I saw a schooling race with two brothers in it, Turbo Tom and Turbo Ted. Ted was very impressive. Mind you, he was in the 4 box and there was no 3 or 5 dog in the race, so he had plenty of room. He literally exploded from the box, took the lead and kept it to win by at least 6 lengths.

His brother, Tom, in the 8 box, took a more cautious approach. No explosions for him. He came out 4th but then accelerated to 2nd and held it to the wire. He may need more schooling from the box, or he may be ready to race for real, especially if he's in another box toward the inside and his speedster sibling isn't in the race.

At any rate, in Race 1 at PBKC today, I noticed that Turbo Ted is in the 4 box again. I'm wondering if he'll get out as well with a full roster of eight greyhounds to contend with, and a dog on either side of him this time. If he does, he'll own this race or, at least, be in the exotics.

I'll be keeping an eye on him and on the rest of his large litter out of Turbo Penske and Turbo Wind Burn. This is the same duo that produced grade  AA  and stakes level runners Turbo Laird and Turbo Landon at Wheeling, and Turbo Lennie at Southland from a previous litter.

Another dog from a litter that I'm following, Adam Kupski, is in the 3 box in this race and could break his maiden this afternoon. He lost by a nose last time out and his litter mates are moving up from winning in M. He had a setback a few races back when he blew the first turn and fell and didn't finish the race, but appears to be back in mid season form and ready to show that he can make the grade.

Whether either of these dogs wins today, I advise you to keep an eye on them. One of the best ways to make money at the greyhound track is by knowing which dogs are likely to win in M. Many bettors just bet the dog with the highest speed in its last race, which, in this case, would be #3 Adam Kupski at 6-1. In this race, that might be the best thing to do, unless Turbo Ted at 4-1 shows the form he displayed in that schooling race.