Greyhound race preview - Orange Park (Jacksonville) - Race 10 First Half of the Twin Tri - Friday Eve July 5, 2013

Eb Netr

July 4th, 2013

If you're going to hit the Twin Tri, you need an exchange ticket on this race, so let's handicap it for trifecta bets.

1-WW Fastrak Dino (8-1) just dropped down from A and won by 3 lengths. I like to see that in a dog. I also like that he won in A by a good margin back in June. He likes the rail and has it, if he breaks. He'll be on my trifecta ticket.

2-Scortch McBones (8-1) just had a very good win in a schooling race, although it was a 6 dog race. Did it perk him up enough for him to show something in this race? That's always the question with dogs that have good schooling races after showing little in a couple of races. He's a question mark.

3-Atascocita Hoot (4-1) has had three races and a schooling race since he came off a layoff. He may be getting ready to return to his winning ways. He's solid A and was well bet in A before the break. His daddy, Rhythmless, took a race or two to round back into form after layoffs too.

4-WW's Dust Me Off (5-1) is in the quiniela almost half the time and hits the board in 59% of his races. He has the second best time in his last race of any of the runners in this race and is a consistent Grade A runner.

5-Rainie Rose (3-1) This 58 pound female is out of Flying Penske and shows the grit and late speed that he showed in his career. With 7 out of 12 wins and an amazing 11 out of 12 for the trifecta, the wise handicapper would include her in his trifecta picks and key her over and under.

6-Warped (4-1) is solid A and has the times to prove it, although he faded in his last race. He beat Atascocita Hoot two races back, from the 7 box. He should have no trouble with his post position in this one. Classy and consistent, don't count him out.

7-GS Kristin (7-1) is better than her odds reflect, in my opinion. She can handle the 7 box, is solid A and just missed last time out from this box. If she finds running room, watch out!

8-AMF Upside Down (16-1) Moving up in class and probably not where she wants to be for box position. This Wheeling import may need a little more time and a better box before she wins in this grade, but she might be good for a piece of the exotics in this one, at a good price.

Safe trips and good racing luck to all the dogs on tonight's card. Remember to play the twin tri and all the Orange Park (Jacksonville) races on Bet America where you get free programs and 3% cash back on bonus tracks, like OP.