Race Preview: Orange Park Jacksonville Sprint Classic Final - Saturday September 7, 2013

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Eb Netr

September 5th, 2013

Post positions have yet to be drawn as of this preview. Point totals have been counted though and here's the roster of entries for the championship race in this series.

Pat C Proper (Pat Collins Kennel) 54 pts - If this brindle female gets the right post - on the rail or the outside with no other dog near enough to crowd her, she could be the one to beat. With 3 wins out of 4 qualifiers, she's proved herself in this series, even though she wasn't favored at the beginning and was kind of overlooked by the bettors.

Kiowa Mat Marty (Connell Kennels) 48 pts  - This black male is working on his second final out of three stakes that he's been in this year. If he breaks on top, the others will have a hard time catching him, especially if he gets an inside box. He LOVES the rail and if he gets the 1 box, hits the trifecta every time. With 7 wins out of 11 races this year, he's a must for exotics also.

Time For Tootsie (Falcon Kennel) 48 pts - A very versatile entry who can run wherever she has to and from any box. IN horse racing, she'd be known as a presser, because she tries to shadow the early leaders and then closes like a freight train at the end of the race. One of her wins was by 7 lengths in this series. Very gritty and determined, she doesn't give up, although she's had trouble when crowded, so needs running room.
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SNJ Black Porter (Crowe Kennel) 46 pts - This is one talented guy with two stakes wins under his collar already and four finals. He excels at both sprints and routes and can break AND close, depending on what the situation calls for. He and Easi Mitchi are the oldest dogs in the race, and neither is as consistent as they were in their primes, but when the old SNJ Black Porter shows up, the other entrants better look to their laurels.

Safe At Home (Red Oak Racing) 42 pts - Like SNJ Black Porter, this guy can run in sprints or routes and won the Orange Park Derby at the route distance, earlier this year. He's also another greyhound that needs some elbow room, so the inside or extreme outside boxes are where he shines. His style is to get out near the front and then turn on the gas in the stretch, picking off the other runners, one by one, until he's several lengths ahead of them at the finish line. Will he add a sprint trophy to go with his route award in the Derby? That would be quite an accomplishment!

Pat C Gatsby (Pat Collins Kennel) 40 pts - The youngest dog in this race is definitely an overachiever. This pup has made it up the grade ladder from M to A in only 6 races! In the third round of this series, he didn't get out too well, but still managed to close on the competition and then pass them in the stretch for a 7 length win margin. And the competition was pretty tough in that race. With good racing luck and room to run, this youngster could be a contender.

Easi Mitchie (Clear Lake Racing Kennel) 38 pts - Daughter of Kiowa Mon Manny, a good sire for Orange Park racers, this red female is no stranger to stakes finals. She likes the inside and needs the break to do her best. Getting the break and the inside could be tough in this one, but she's an experienced runner who always does her best and usually has enough left to close at the wire, as long as she's close enough in the early running.

Warped (Connell Kennel) 38 pts - Always a bridesmaid, never a bride is the case for Warped. Although she's been in 3 stakes qualifiers before, but has never made it to the final until now. She's a little female and very tough to beat from the rail. She's another dog that really needs the break, but if she gets it, she has enough speed to beat any of these runners.

As always, safe trips and good racing luck to all the dogs on this program. Watch and wager on Bet America where greyhound programs are free and bonus tracks pay rewards.