Greyhound Race Preview: Palm Beach Pick 4 for Friday Eve July 12th

Eb Netr

July 11th, 2013

The Pick 4 starts in Race 9, a Grade J race, so let's see if we can pick a couple of likely winners to start it off.

3-Fusileer at 5-2 certainly looks like he has the speed and position to ace this race. The only serious competition is the 2-1 morning line favorite, 4-Leeroy Jenkins with a 30.23 in his last race and 6-TF Chucky Slick with a 30.26. I'll use those 3 to start my ticket.

Race 10 is a Grade A with a morning line favorite, 2-SS Cyclone at 5-2. This pup has zoomed up the grade ladder with very fast times and improving times in his last two races. He does tend to go wide, which cost him a race in C, but if he can overcome that tendency, he should be able to win this spot in A.

1-Relativity at 6-1 is a versatile pup that can come in from just about anywhere on the track and has four sub-30 second times. As long as these two speedsters don't come out and bump each other out of the race, they might be the quiniela in either order.

4-HS Mallory has a good time for her last race when she won in A but will need to get the inside to repeat.

Race 11 is a Grade D race and a tough one to handicap. When you get into D, you get inconsistent dogs and ones that only come in when they have everything going for them. I like the time on the 3-AMF Overcook's last race and wonder if she likes the track change from Orange Park to Palm Beach. If so, she may add another win to her Palm Beach record with this race. I'm putting her on my ticket.

5-Thurlow, the morning line favorite at 5-2 isn't a dog I'd play, usually, because I'd like to see another race after that fall and OOP he had in his last race. I'd rather use the 7-TK Emerald at 4-1 and the 1-Carneyshelloball who hasn't been in an inside post in a while, except for a schooling race.

Race 12 is a TD at 660 yards and is even harder to handicap than the race before it. It's also the first race of the Bet 3, if you're planning to play that.

5-Tax Roll (9-2) has the best time of any of this group and should be able to close from the 5 box. Whether he'll pass enough dogs to win is a moot point, however, because he seems to prefer to come in 2nd or 3rd most of the time. With the lack of speed and talent in this race though, I think he may manage to win.

8-LNB Businesslike at 4-1 has the advantage of the outside post with plenty of room to maneuver and avoid the bumping and blocking that has dogged his performances. I'll add him to the ticket too.

The Pick 4 races are never easy to handicap, but if you go with an obvious pick and one or two second choices, it's possible to hit it. Just remember to stay within your budget and handicap the races for yourself also. Don't just go with other people's picks.

Watch and wager on the Pick 4 races at Palm Beach on Bet America where programs are always free. Safe trips and good racing luck to all the runners on tonight's program.