Greyhound Race Preview: Tri State Race 9 Grade A Sprint - Friday Eve August 9, 2013

Eb Netr

August 8th, 2013

This grade A sprint has a mix of dogs moving up and dogs that have managed to stay in A. It may hinge on who gets to the first turn first, because there are several dogs with good breaking speed and first to turn times.

1-Mac's Superhero is a 2-1 morning line favorite and can really break out of the box on top from the inside. With this post position, he should be able to assume command, which is why he's at such low odds. His first to turn time in his last race is four-tenths of a second lower than the next best, the 2-RWC Fire Creek. That may not seem like much of a difference, but, often, a tenth of a second is what separates the winner from the place dog in greyhound racing.

2-RWC Fire Creek is a versatile runner with wins from the 8 box and the 3 box in his last two races. Like Mac's Superhero, he won in C and came right back to win in B. Of course, this is a Grade A race, but if you'll notice, this guy has run in AA in the past. You might also notice that he's having his 4th birthday today, and 4 is getting up there for racing greyhounds. He may still have what it takes to win in A, which would make for a nice birthday present.

3-Walkabout Melody has struggled in Grade A, but won when she dropped down to B. I think the odds reflect that but she does hit the exotics almost half the time, so I wouldn't throw her out completely. A grade B race might be a better fit for her.

4-Magic Earnhardt was very impressive in his last race with an amazing 13 and a half length win in Grade B! He also had an 11 length win before that in Grade C. I just can't count him out, even though he doesn't have the class of some of the other dogs. He's in a good post position also, and has 4 out of 11 for wins.

5-Coach Johnson stays in A and is in the exotics just about half the time. He's not a monster breaker, but he gets out well enough to be there when it's time to close. He runs midtrack and that fits well with the 5 box. Expect him to be right behind the leaders early on.

6-John Lee is a "Steady Eddie" kind of dog. You can expect him to be there in the stretch, closing on the leaders and with good finish times. Depending on the pace of this race, he may show that he's not just a B grade winner.

7-GF Arturo doesn't seem to be on his A game in his last few races, but he does like the outside, so may improve here. Another one that would be more appealing in a Grade B race.

8-IRS Quick Return has been in AA but hasn't won in A recently. She's more likely to show up for place or fourth in exotics.

My picks are 4-1-2-5

Safe trips and good racing luck for all the greyhounds on tonight's card. Don't forget to get your free programs when you watch and wager on Bet America where bonus tracks pay you for playing.