Race Preview Wheeling Downs: WVGOBA Juvenile Stakes Final - Saturday September 28, 2013

Eb Netr

September 26th, 2013

A phenomenal amount of young talent has been showcased in this stakes so far and the final round in Race 11 on today's program, promises to be just as competitive as the earlier ones. There are four females and four males in this final heat, with the females picked as favorites in the morning line. Kennels with two entrants are Steve Serras and McMillan Kennel, with Serras's Kit Kat Kathy the favorite.

There is more than one pup that rocketed up the grade ladder to get to this stakes and others that were already in the highest grades. While class is important, so is early speed, closing ability and being able to clear those turns that have proved so costly and have produced more than one upset winner in this stakes.
Race Preview Wheeling Downs: WVGOBA Juvenile Stakes Final – Saturday September 28, 2013











2-Kit Kat Kathy, who managed to overcome trouble in her last race, is the morning line favorite at 5/2. She has two wins and a second out of four races and very fast times in her last two races. She'll be hard to beat if she gets the lead and gets around the turns first.

1-Jax Velvet at 3/1 in the morning line hasn't posted a win in three races, but has placed in all three. The inside box certainly doesn't hurt her chances. She's a breaker and it looks like she might be first to turn if she runs the way she usually does. That gives her an advantage that might have her hitting the wire first this time.

4-Mac's Bolero had very bad luck in her last race and fell on the 1st turn. She ran three good races before that though and has a couple of good times there. She has the class and the speed, so if her luck is better this time, don't count her out.

6-DB's Blast has five wins out of seven races and three sub-30 second times in her last three. She'll have to hustle to get good position from the six box, but she's won from the six box before. True, it was in Grade C, but she has three wins in this stakes, so she has the class to do it.

5-Coal Train is a stone cold closer and more likely to place than win. He's in the trifecta more than half the time, but may be out of his league in this one.

7-DB's Goofy hit the board in eight out of his last ten races and has a second in this series. He can break a little and may do better from the outside than from midtrack. However, he may be the type of dog that wants either the very inside or very outside box, so that he has more racing room. Unfortunately, the 8 may break right with the 7 and that could cause trouble for one or both of them.

3-Mac's Stratsbury is a Tri State dog that could be the sleeper in this race. He was bumped in his last race, but turned in two good races before that, winning one and showing in the other. Watch the odds on this one.

8-Bud's Tiko likes where he is and can break well from the outside boxes. Whether his breaking ability will be good enough to pose a challenge in this group is the question in my mind. He has no times under thirty seconds and is facing several dogs that do. He's game, but determination might not be enough.

As always, safe trips and good racing luck to all the greyhounds on today's program. Don't forget to watch and wager and get free greyhound programs at Bet America where bonus tracks pay rewards.