Harness racing: Following horses for profit

Profile Picture: Frank Cotolo

May 4th, 2020

There are great benefits for bettors who follow horses for a race or two, after they looked good but lost. Forgiving certain horses for not performing to par in a race can also be an important move. 

Making such a horse a strong contender in its next race offers better odds, because the betting public punishes horses for bad performances. This gives the smart bettor an edge.

I keep what I call a horses-to-watch list (H2W), where I note horses who have raced poorly with excuses and look for their next start (or two), where they may become a bet-back opportunity, if the odds appeal to me. 

While I have been assessing Australian harness racing on BetAmerica, I have come up with some fine H2W candidates. I’ve listed recent losers below, so harness bettors can follow along with me (one or two may certainly fit into a wager) and be inspired to start their own list.

Some horses, of course, will return in the same race. Then, it’s your judgment, based on the value they offer.

Albion, May 4

Race 5: #4 Ifoundthebeach

Race 8: #4 Montana Lad

Redcliffe, May 6

Race 3: Guy Looks Good

Race 5: Newmerelaa Ladykay

Race 7: Artistic Saint

Race 9: Lonestar Lad

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