Indiana Full House Sports Betting Rules

  1. Indiana law prohibits persons under the age of 21 from wagering and/or collecting winning wagers from the BetAmerica Sportsbook (hereinafter, “the Sportsbook”). The Sportsbook is provided by Rising Star Casino Resort in partnership with Churchill Downs Interactive Gaming, LLC, and SB Tech Malta, Ltd. References to BetAmerica in these House Rules refers to Churchill Downs Interactive Gaming, LLC.  SB Tech Malta, Ltd. is included in the definition of affiliates, as used in these House Rules.
  2. Persons shall place a wager only on their own behalf and shall not wager for any other person.
  3. All prices/lines/odds are subject to change.
    1. Wagering options, other than in-game wagers, are available up until the official start time, unless otherwise specified on the sports wagering platform. Any wager accepted after the official start time, other than in-game wagers, is void.
    2. As permitted by the Indiana Gaming Commission, BetAmerica reserves the right to refuse/cancel any bet before the event starts and to make ambiguous bets void, without providing any justification.
  4. Settlement rules for all sports are known as “Betting Rules” and are available under the Betting Rules tab.
  5. BetAmerica will make every reasonable effort to resolve disputes.
    1. Any dispute shall be resolved in accordance with the applicable Indiana law and Indiana Gaming Commission regulations.
    2. It is the customer’s responsibility to inform BetAmerica immediately should an error occur on an account, any wager, or in any other transaction.  All claims or disputes should be raised with our Customer Support by email at or using the Contact Us page.
  6. BetAmerica reserves the right to determine minimum and maximum wager limits on all events, including on a wager-by-wager basis. The exact value of the wager is specified in the field where the bet amount is entered. BetAmerica and their affiliates make no guarantee that any wager placed within or for the maximum bet shall be accepted.
  7. BetAmerica reserve the right to modify the House Rules &/or Betting Rules, subject to regulatory approval.
  8. BetAmerica, and their affiliates reserve the right to modify payout odds/limits. In the event of a change, the new odds/limits will be posted in the Sportsbook, or made available prior to taking any wagers with the revised limits.
  9. BetAmerica reserves the right to withhold payment and to declare bets on an event void if there is evidence that the following has occurred: (i) the integrity of the event has been called into question or (ii) matchrigging has taken place. Evidence may be based on the size, volumes or pattern of bets placed, among other relevant evidence.
  10. Games must be played on date scheduled. Postponement that exceeds 24 hours constitutes no action and money will be refunded. When an event is cancelled, all related bets will be void automatically. If any event is abandoned due to injury, bad weather, crowd trouble, etc., all bets that have already been settled up until the time of abandonment will stand.
  11. BetAmerica reserves the right to pay out wager(s) at the correct lines/odds, as determined by the marketplace comparison, at the time of the placement of the wager(s) or refund the patron’s stake in the event of typing, mechanical, gross human or palpable errors, which lead to obvious price errors. Obvious price errors or genuine human error, such as reversing the odds of a match, some other kind of accidental error made while posting the odds, or a wager that is placed after the outcome of an event is known. In such cases, the incident will be reported to Indiana Gaming Commission. In all other circumstances, the rules set forth herein apply.
  12. Multiple wagers that combine different selections within the same event are not accepted where the outcome of one affects or is affected by the other. If such a wager is taken in error, the wager will be cancelled.
  13. By placing a wager, the patron acknowledges reading, understanding, and accepting these House Rules.
  14. BetAmerica and their affiliates shall not be liable for failure of any equipment, wherever physically located, which prevents the placement of wagers or contact with our offices.
  15. Please check your wagers for accuracy.
    1. BetAmerica and their affiliates accept no responsibility for wagers which may have been submitted and not confirmed by our systems.
    2. Once both parties accept a wager, the details will not be altered, and the wager will not be voided prior to the start of an event, except in the case of obvious error at the discretion of BetAmerica.
  16. Payoffs on all wagers are determined using standard Money Line calculations, unless otherwise specified. Final calculations are rounded to the nearest penny.
  17. A straight wager resulting in a push will be considered “no action” and the original stake will be refunded.
  18. Parlay Wagers:
    1. Payoffs on parlay wagers are determined using standard Money Line calculations.
    2. Pushes and refunds in a parlay cause the wager to reduce the payoff bracket representing the number of remaining teams. If the parlay reduces to just a single event, the single event becomes a straight wager.
  19. Teasers:
    1. Pushes and refunds in an off-the-board teaser wager cause the wager to reduce to the payoff bracket representing the number of remaining teams.
    2. In the event only one team remains:
      1. A teaser reduced to a single wager is considered “no action” and will be refunded.
      2. If all teams push/refund, the wager is considered “no action” and will be refunded.
  20. Winning tickets may be subject to IRS reporting and withholding guidelines.
  21. Any rules written on handouts for specific events are considered House Rules &/or Betting Rules. Any event rules posted to the Casino Resort or BetAmerica website are considered effective at time of publication.
  22. Wagering rules and conditions are subject to change; please refer to odds sheets/displays for details. If there is a conflict between a stipulation on an odds sheet/display and these House Rules, the stipulation on the odds sheet/display will prevail.
  23. The Sportsbook will not knowingly accept wagers from Prohibited Sports Wagering Participants, as defined by Indiana regulations. This includes the following:
    1. Any entity that is not an individual.
    2. A person who is not 21 years of age.
    3. Directors, officers, and employees of Rising Star Casino Resort and sports wagering vendors and service providers as well as a relative living in the same household of such individuals.
    4. With respect to a sporting event sponsored, organized, or conducted by a particular sport’s governing body, any of the following:
      1. An employee of the sport’s governing body.
      2. A game official employed by or under contract with the sport’s governing body.
      3. A coach, manager, or other personnel employed by or under contract with a member club of the sport’s governing body.
      4. An athlete who is:
        1. under contract with a member club of the sport’s governing body in the case of a team sport; or
        2. Eligible to participate in events conducted by the sport’s governing body in the case of an individual sport.
      5. An employee of a union representing athletes or game officials.
      6. A relative living in the same household of an individual described in the above sections i. through v.
  1. An individual convicted of a state or federal crime relating to sports wagering.
  2. An individual who has enrolled in the Internet Self Exclusion Program (“ISEP”), the Voluntary Exclusion Program (“VEP”), or the statewide exclusion program.
  3. Individuals engaging in conduct that undermines the integrity of sports wagering or the sporting event involved, including but not limited to, an attempt to place a wager as an agent or a proxy for another individual.

Account Wagering Rules

  1. Account holders must be at least 21 years of age to open an account and to place account wagers.
  2. Wagers will not be accepted with Wagering Accounts until an account is established and funds are deposited.  BetAmerica only accepts account wagers made with the funds available in the account holder’s Wagering Account.
  3. By opening a Wagering Account, the patron acknowledges reading, understanding, and accepting BetAmerica’s Terms and Conditions, which are inseparably linked to these House Rules.  These House Rules cover wagers made on Wagering Accounts.
  4. All account wagering applicants must provide valid proof of identification, proof of residence and a social security number.
  5. Wagers cannot be accepted until the account holder has completed the BetAmerica registration and KYC process successfully.
  6. By opening a Wagering Account, the patron agrees to be assigned additional accounts at the discretion of the BetAmerica, including, without limitation, race and sports, mobile gaming and wallet accounts. The use of these accounts is optional. Pari-Mutuel wagering accounts will not be assigned without a Pari-Mutuel wagering account application.
  7. Wagering Accounts are subject to applicable Indiana state law and Indiana Gaming Commission regulations for all account holders. BetAmerica shall accept wagers on the account holder’s Wagering Account only during the one-year period after the account is opened unless there is patron initiated activity at least once every calendar year.
  8. The initial deposit must be authorized by the account holder. All account deposits and withdrawals must be authorized by the account holder. BetAmerica reserves the right to refuse to permit account deposits or withdrawals by anyone other than the account holder at any time at its discretion.
  9. The account number/user ID and account holder’s PIN/password are required in order to access the account. It is the responsibility of the account holder to safeguard and protect account access information. BetAmerica and its respective parent company, subsidiaries, affiliates and their respective owners, officers, directors and employees shall not be liable to the account holder for any losses arising out of or related to the use of the account by any other person who has accessed the account information directly or indirectly from or through the account holder.
  10. No wager will be accepted that exceeds the current account balance.
  11. Account wagers may only be placed within the state of Indiana.
  12. Any wagers made using any approved wagering technology is binding on both parties unless voided by mutual consent of the account holder and BetAmerica or by approval or direction of the Indiana Gaming Commission.
  13. Winning tickets subject to IRS reporting and/or withholding will not be posted to the account until verification of all information is obtained.
  14. BetAmerica reserves the right to refuse processing any account application at its discretion.
  15. BetAmerica reserves the right to refuse deposits to accounts at its discretion.
  16. BetAmerica reserves the right to refuse any wager, delete, or limit any selections prior to the acceptance of any wager.
  17. BetAmerica reserves the right to void any transaction involving funds from winnings credited to an account in error.  Any funds/winnings credited to an account in error are not available for use.
  18. BetAmerica reserves the right to suspend any account at any time at its discretion.
  19. BetAmerica reserves the right to terminate a Wagering Account at any time at its discretion.
  20. BetAmerica reserves the right to declare the account wagering system closed from receiving any and/or all wagers at its discretion.
  21. BetAmerica reserves the right to pass on to the customer any charge from third party processing fee to the customer including, by way of example and not by limitation, wire transfer fees, payment processing fees, and remote access fees.
  22. All account wagering rules and limits are subject to change at any time without notice, subject to Indiana Gaming Commission approval.
  23. All House Rules & Betting Rules apply to all Wagering Accounts.
  24. Wagering Account statements are available upon request.
  25. All account wagering information will be documented by voice, in print, electronically, or by other approved methods. No transactions or wagers will be accepted if the documentation system is inoperable. The record of the account holder’s confirmation of all wagering information shall be deemed to be the transaction of record, regardless of what was recorded by the computerized bookmaking or pari-mutuel system. The records are made available to Indiana Gaming Commission upon request.
  26. BetAmerica may share account holder information with government authorities requesting the information. BetAmerica may also share account holder information with their respective parent companies, subsidiaries, and affiliates, all of which may collectively use the account holder information for any purpose in accordance with the companies’ respective privacy policies and applicable terms and conditions.
  27. The Book accepts various methods for funding Wagering Accounts, such as (but not limited to)
    • Wire transfers for deposits into accounts. Wires are subject to pre-approval and may be returned at BetAmerica’s discretion.
    • ACH electronic
    • Credit card or pre-paid card.
    • Any other method as approved by the Indiana Gaming Commission.
  28. Wagering Account withdrawals shall be completed within a reasonable time after BetAmerica receives a valid request from an account holder, if sufficient funds are available.