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We are dedicated to offering every player the best legal online gaming experience through the highest level of service, value and variety.


BetAmerica is a legal, realmoney gaming website offering horse racing, greyhound wagering and daily fantasy sports contests. BetAmerica believes that, regardless of expertise, fantasy contsts should be fun and easy enough for anyone to play.

The site’s incorporation of Fantasy Sports brings a new brand of daily fantasy contests that reach a variety of players online. BetAmerica continues to serve as a trusted resource for online horse and greyhound wagering, and this marks the start of being the preeminent destination for nationwide legal real money online gaming in the U.S.


Conversations that take place through our various advertising channels and on a daily basis with customers, partners and third party suppliers, should ALL be spoken in the ‘BetAmerica’ voice. Conversations that lead to the best outcome for our customers and for BetAmerica – happen when the BetAmerica side of the conversation is spoken in the right tone, with the right characteristics.

The BetAmerica Voice

  • Genuine, transparent and helpful
  • Professional and knowledgeable
  • Friendly, occasionally with a sense of humor
  • Current and topical with promotions and social media activity

Things to Avoid

  • Avoid short
  • Don’t push the boundaries of humor
  • Avoid chat/text acronyms
  • Don’t over complicate things
  • English-English or Canadian-English spelling

Voice and Positioning

The brand voice and positioning go hand in hand. While professionalism is at the heart of the BetAmerica brand voice, we also do not want to appear stiff or corporate. Messaging should reinforce our positioning as ‘your fun and trusted ADW’.

Think of our brand’s tone of voice as a personality, influencing the mood, tone and tempo of every conversation.

Focus on building and maintaining an honest relationship between all customers and parties we communicate with. We can be friendly and social, but never want to appear unfair or anything resembling scam.

Given the history surrounding the online gaming it is important to continually improve upon and maintain public trust through transparency - fairness is extremely important in all communication...but still have fun!