The ultimate baseball movie quiz

Profile Picture: Ryan Murphy

Ryan Murphy

June 4th, 2020

Baseball has been fodder for the silver screen since 1898, when Thomas Edison produced The Ball Game, a short film featuring a pair of amateur teams facing off in Newark.

The grainy, 27-second movie wouldn’t win any awards today, but it did inspire future generations of filmmakers to tell their own stories about America’s national pastime. Some of them, like Field of Dreams, have ignited our imaginations, while others, like The Natural, have inspired us with their tales of heroism. And then there are flicks like The Bad New Bears, which taught us all a few four-letter words we may not have known before entering the cinema.

It’s a good thing so many memorable baseball films have been made, because ball fans have had little else to scratch their itch as they await the start of the 2020 MLB season. Keep yourself occupied before Opening Day by testing your knowledge of the best baseball movies ever made.