Anderson's Silva's most devastating knockouts

Profile Picture: Danny Howard

October 26th, 2020

With the career of Anderson "The Spider" Silva nearing its conclusion, let's takes a look at his five biggest knockout wins, ahead of his upcoming clash with Uriah Hall.

5. Claudionor Fontinelle (2000)

The fight with Fontinelle showed, even early in his career, Silva was explosive with all his appendages and had a killer instinct.

After he picked Fontinelle apart, Silva opened him up for an eye-popping knee strike that sent Fontinelle straight to the Sandman.

4. Chris Leben (2006)

In Silva's UFC debut, the iron-chinned Leben was expected to give him a tough go, but Silva wouldn’t be denied.

From the start, Leben was swarmed with strikes and clearly outclassed. After after he dropped Leben, Silva stalked his stumbling prey across the octagon and planted him with another violent knee strike that put him out. 

3. Rich Franklin (2006)

Going into the first Franklin fight, Silva was an underdog challenging an established champion.

Once again, the divide in class was obvious from the start, and Silva was firmly in control of the bout. A flurry of blows eventually led to a knee to the face that flattened Franklin.

The force of Silva’s strike literally broke Franklin’s face and relieved him of his title.

2. Chael Sonnen (2012)

Sonnen gave Silva the toughest fight of his career in 2010. Sonnen dominated Silva up until an 11th-hour triangle choke saved Silva in the last round.

In the rematch in 2012, Sonnen started off just as well, but another lapse in his approach gave Silva the opening he needed. When Sonnen mistakenly fell to the mat, Silva pounced and battered his foe for a referee stoppage.

1. Vitor Belfort (2011)

Silva and Belfort were mindful of each other’s power in the early part of their title fight, but in one swift moment, Silva exploded and closed up shop.

During a small break in the action, with both fighters maneuvering around the octagon, Belfort paused for the briefest of moments and absorbed a devastating front kick for his trouble.

Already out when he hit the mat, Silva pounded the listless Belfort to earn the savage stoppage.