Boxing: Terri Harper vs. Natasha Jonas odds and preview

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August 4th, 2020

It will be a big night for British boxing when Terri Harper and Natasha Jonas face off for Harper’s super featherweight title on Friday August 7. This historic showdown will mark the first time two female British fighters have faced off for a recognized world title, and it’s shaping to be quite an attraction. BetAmerica takes a look at this prime time clash.

Fri, August 7 2020, 7:00 PM

Terri Harper



Natasha Jonas


Jonas has hit her ceiling

The first thing to note between the two is the significant gap in age, with Harper 13 years Jonas' junior. There is also a talent gap here as well. Harper is a prodigious upstart-turned-champion, whereas Jonas is a respectable contender who has hit her ceiling. Jonas hasn’t been around long enough to pick up the kind of veteran tactics that could stifle the champ.

Harper’s speed and acumen is sure to give Jonas the kind of fits that will take her out of her game plan. Jonas has won two of her last four fights by stoppage, and can’t expect to out-slick her faster foe unless she builds a sizeable lead in the early rounds. If she can’t catch Harper with something wicked in the opening third of the fight, she’s all but lost the match.

Unfortunately for Jonas, she doesn’t have that in her to put Harper in an early hole. Even though she’d prefer to keep this fight on the outside, Harper should start taking more chances once she feels Jonas can’t put her in any danger. She’ll start to walk Jonas down, but cautiously to the point where she can find herself on the wrong enough of a huge shot.

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Harper won't be dragged down to Jonas' level

There is not much to expect here. Jonas is a capable, serviceable opponent that can go a few rounds and make Harper look good. It's a classic soft touch title defense meant to showcase the young champion. After a few rounds, the talent divide between them will be clear as day, and Harper won’t fight down to her opponent’s level. The only thing that will be missing is a stoppage.

Speed kills, but Harper will be so far ahead that she won’t feel the need to pull the trigger. Expect her to make a routine, workmanlike defense of her title. The call here is that Harper keeps her title with a dominant decision win.

Boxing free pick: Harper (-770)