The scariest fighters in MMA history

Profile Picture: Danny Howard

October 29th, 2020

MMA has had its share of terrifying champions and spine-chilling punchers, and since Halloween is right around the corner, it’s the right time of year to give these fighters their due.

Here is a rundown of the scariest fighters in MMA history.

5. Anthony "Rumble" Johnson

Johnson was a frighteningly powerful striker in his prime. He often winning his fights by stoppage and left his opponents in a crumpled mess.

His toned physique and killer instinct was something to behold. Though Johnson is long retired, he was a bad man in the octagon.

4. Chuck Liddell

A man as cold and unforgiving as his "Iceman" moniker would suggest, Liddell’s trademark mohawk and striking power made him one of the most intimidating fighters of his time.

Liddell was unstoppable in his prime, seemingly impervious to pain, and could brutalize anyone in front of him. The luster is lost a bit, because he hung around the sport too long, but he was a force.

3. Cris Cyborg

There was a period of time when the biggest boogeyman in MMA was a woman. Cyborg’s long run as the No. 1 female fighter in the world came when she was brutalizing opponents left and right.

No one — not even Ronda Rousey — wanted anything to do with her, and that only added to her mystique. When the bell rang, her opponents had to know that an unstoppable machine was going to run them down.

2. Francis Ngannou

As far as modern-day fighters go, there are very few who carry the aura of destruction like  Ngannou.

Every time he connects with an opponent, there is a sense of heightened danger that the damage he doles out could be permanent.

While the UFC does not allow such frightening punchers to be ducked into oblivion, there are many fighters who probably would want to steer clear of this monster.

1. Fedor Emelianenko

There’s something about a tall, steel-eyed Russian that is just naturally terrifying.

Emelianenko was a no-nonsense heavyweight who went on one of the greatest runs in MMA history He violently stamped his mark in the sport's history by dispatching with brutality.

During his prime, Emelianenko was like a mythical beast, who only existed in fantasy matchups and fans' dreams of a UFC appearance. Though he never made his UFC debut, there’s no doubt he would have lived up to his devastating reputation.